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Making Love to the Ocean

Birth into Being blog - Making love to the Ocean

Here is my 'Making Love With The Ocean' poem it came in the rhythm of waves...

I took a long walk this morning

Along the edge of the Waters of the big Ocean...

Along the edge of another world that was pulsating

And breathing at my feet...

That body of water was alive and conscious of me -

It was watching me with curiosity and kindness...

As I was slowly intoxicated with a musky scent,

Opening my pores and nostrils and soul and spirit...

And then, the Ocean reached out and kissed my feet,

Sending waves of intense sensations up my legs,

All the way... Through the the top of my head and tips of my fingers...

And then It reached out again

And caressed gently the skin of my inner thighs,

Inviting me in...

Inviting Itself in...

All of a sudden, an ancient memory stepped forward...

I was a tiny sperm about to penetrate a huge, glowing, pulsating Universe of an Egg -

She recognized my sacred longing for Her

And I was invited in -

She was waiting for me Her whole life

And now was grateful to see me finally;

Lifting her own taboos,

With relief and urgent purpose.

The sensation was so magnificent,

As I slipped through Her impenetrable wall -

It melted me into non-existence...

I exploded in orgasmic ecstasy...

And that explosion divided Her in two!!

And thus my body had a Beginning...

The pulsation of Life Force that allowed me

To become,

Has the same Rhythm

As what Ocean Waves are dancing to, -

It is what they are following and obeying...

I was conceived in Love -

The Impulse of Bliss is my Motherland -

That is the only way a new life can begin, -

wither they knew that or not, -

Without this, the act of Creation

Is simply not possible!!!

Today, on the shoreline, I felt the same -

My tiny body was in the presence

Of undulating consciousness...

Caressing me, holding me, penetrating me,

Melting away the last degrees of separation

Until I remembered who I truly was and who I am now:

I am one of the many voices of the Divine Feminine!

I am Her ears and Her eyes;

And through me, She knows Her pleasure

and Her sadness...

Through me, She knows Herself!

The same way She knows Herself through you,

and you, and him, and him,

And through this dog and this tree...

She knows!

And through Her, - I know!

With every fiber of my being,

I know how precious my life is,

How deeply loved I am and gently supported...

Overwhelming tenderness arose in my heart,

as I saw that the Ocean of Bliss

Makes no exception:

It penetrates all of the existence,

And is omnipresent, as they promised...

I smiled through tears of happiness

and allowed myself

To fully feel the wet procession on my face...

I made Love with the Ocean today...

Mine is one of the many voices of the Waters, -

This Ocean was our cradle once;

It gave us Life and It has the power to have it away,

if we will not awaken to our intimate belonging.

We, the people, were a 'runaway' project so far... -

In return we were disrespecting the Waters,

Dumping our waste into It and destroying Life.

It has given us a few warnings already;

yet we are not listening...

It really loves us...

Let's learn loving it back!

This morning I was humble and barefoot,

Walking away, back into the city,

Gentle breeze ran it's fingers through my hair and

Blew soft whispers into my ears...

The sand was playing with my toes,

Slipping through, like Time,

Caressing the tender skin in that special place, in between my toes...

I am taking all of this with me,

to share with everyone I meet...

I am not willing to waste another day on feeling alone!

I used to think

that ours was

The fate of clouds,

Dispersed above

the deserts of the world...

And now I know, - it was a short lived sword

Slicing my Bliss

Into doubts...

There is never a day when all of this is not mine!

And yours, and his... and hers...

I gave myself permission to know that...

Elena Tonetti, 2010

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