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What is Conscious Birth?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Conscious Birth is a very intelligent approach to our species' procreation, where people-making practice is approached responsibly, with full awareness of the implications of how the quality of conception, gestation, birth and postpartum period is affecting the quality of health and emotional well being of a new person and ultimately, of our next generation as a whole. 

Birth into Being - What is Conscious Birth

The main ingredient in Conscious Birth is the loving, deeply aligned, energetic Field created by the future parents, into which they welcome their new baby. Their emotional presence with each other is what allows the baby feel safe and welcomed. In case of the absence of the male partner, a woman can generate that field on her own, even though it would require a different way of sovereign alignment with her higher Self and her Creative Force. 

In this context, the actual form of delivery is quite secondary to the importance of the Birthing Field being saturated with Love and mother's ability to surrender and trust the unfolding of the process, as it has it's own underlying multidimensional logic.

Ideally, Conscious Birth starts with conscious conception, when the future parents are on the same page wanting to bring a new human being into this world, researching and practicing nutritional literacy and emotional healing. It also includes birth preparation during gestation, first of all, addressing the issues originated in their own birth trauma, which allows them to gain confidence and strength for the delivery and eliminate possible reasons of complications at birth. It culminates with the empowering, dignified experience of baby's arrival, in a way that both parents feel initiated into becoming a Mother and a Father and the baby feels safe and loved.  Conscious Parenting during the postpartum period completes the picture: breastfeeding, keeping the baby in close proximity as much as possible, avoiding unnecessary painful medical procedures, like immediate cutting of the umbilical cord, circumcision, vaccination, etc, etc...  Of course, we can not always count on the ideal version of this practice and have the necessary resources, support and access to the information. In that case, it's important to remember, that it's never too late to start, even after the child is born. There are uncountable ways of healing and 'harvesting' of the experience that did happen.  It needs to become common knowledge, starting in health ed classes in 7th grade! Better yet, even earlier, when children are asking questions at age of 3 to 6. They need to be explained about the fact that some day they might choose to become parents and have children of their own. It's never too early to embrace conscious way of living and pro-creating.


March, 2012

Still deeply relevant in 2021

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