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Workshop/Training Curriculum

Level 1:

Day 1 - 2 

Focus on the time from your preconception through post-partum period

  • Dive deeply into the ‘underworld’ to break through that which is holding you back in life; to recover that which is most precious.

  • Alter the ‘basic settings’ in your nervous system & align with the vortex of the Birthing Field** through a dynamic blend of modalities.

  • Re-Code your Limbic Imprint** of inhibiting emotional patterns by creating a new memory of being conceived, gestated, born, and breastfed in blissful and safe circumstances.

  • Create new reference points of emotional comfort aligned with your conscious intentions.

  • Invoke your inner‚ Elder‘ – your deepest Wisdom as your constant companion.

Besides the experiential processes in Level 1, following Topics will be covered:

  • Free Will and the fractal nature of the Universe

  • Limbic Imprinting. Harvesting the outcome of the way we were born.

  • Birth matters: What is birth trauma?

  • Creating an alternative route – Tri-brain Concept

  • Transforming Fear (of birthing, of living, of dying…)

  • Consciousness of Procreation – The Miracle of You

  • Unleashing creativity

  • Love, as an acquired skill


Level 2:

Day 3 - 4 

Focus on your early childhood through about age 10

  • Healing the traumatic impact from interactions with your biological parents.

  • Recovering the loss of power in childhood; breaking the Silence; establishing the new reference points for healthy loving relationships.

  • Disengage counter-intentions and victim mentality via bringing the three parts of the brain, responsible for our mental, emotional and physiological functions into a harmonious resonance.

  • Resolve deep unconscious conflicts.

  • Unravel your family dynamic and acquire a new perception of reality based on Safety and Love.

  • Increase your own capacity for Love and Upgrade your nervous system.


Levels 3 & 4:

Days 5 - 6 & 7 - 8

Revise your emotional life further into adolescence

  • Addressing negative dynamics with people other than your biological parents.

  • Trace the sources of your dysfunctions and transform them into a valuable resource.

  • Recalibrating experiences that violated your integrity, crushed your primal sense of Self.

  • Make yourself at home within your new ‘basic settings’.

  • Releasing resistance to living in abundance; empowering your purpose on Earth.

  • Creating an alternative memory of a great childhood (best friends, exciting adventures, amazing teachers, early introduction to conscious way of living, birthday parties of your dream, the most profound sexual awakening, rites of passage, etc, – all you needed to grow up happy and safe).

  • Activate a powerful flow of oxytocin.


Additional Topics covered in Levels 2-4:

  • Intentions vs counter-intentions

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • investigating victim mentality

  • Transforming addiction to suffering

  • Emotional Incest. Empowerment of Anger

  • AMO (addictive modes of operation)

  • Sibling Rivalry

  • Our 120 Senses

  • Acceptance. Forgiveness. Surrender.

  • Harvesting negative experiences vs victim mentality

  • Prosperity Consciousness

  • Setting priorities for the next phase of life

  • Circumcision, C-Section

  • Post-partum Sexuality

  • Betrayal of the Mother


Level 5 (Apprentice Training):

Days 9 - 10

Get Certified as an Apprentice

  • Learn to sustain the new state of being.

  • Deepen your own healing and practice facilitating the processes of the Birth Into Being Method.

  • Get certified to lead Birth Into Being Workshops, Levels 1-2, and/or integrate the techniques into your existing practice (See ‘Become a Practitioner’ guide).

  • Become a part of the Birth Into Being group of practitioners in 22 countries, most amazing people, who are lovingly and actively supporting each other.

  • Debrief on all of the above from the facilitation perspective.

  • Practice Level 1-3 processes with each other.


Facilitator Training:

Days 11 - 16

Get certified as a Facilitator-In-Training, Facilitator, and, later on, as an Advanced Facilitator

  • Experience the full curriculum of 20 processes and 18 exercises with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova.

  • Upgrade your skills and have more time for peer practice.

  • Be able to teach Levels 1-3 as a facilitator-in-training, Levels 1-4 as a facilitator, and as an advanced facilitator be able to teach Levels 1-5 and certify new apprentices (additional requirements and some restrictions do apply. For more info, please, see the Certification Flowchart shown below or go to Become a facilitator).

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