A list of ALL our senses

Sharpen your senses, please!

In schools, we are taught that we have only 5 senses... I believe it's a highway robbery! When we counted them as a group in my last course, we found a lot more. The trick is that all of those senses, listed below, need activation, they won't be automatically available to us if something doesn't trigger them... I believe it's our duty to help our young ones to experience the full range of their sensory apparatus!

Here is what we have accounted for:

1. Hearing

2. Sight

3. Smell

4. Touch (pressure on the skin)

5. Taste

6. Sense of time (knowing what time it is & how much time passed since the beginning of some activity)

7. Sense of safety

8. Sense of danger

9. Sense of rhythm

10. Sense of water (to find underground source)

11. Electroception

12. Nociception (ability to discern pain or pleasure)

13. sense of belonging (or sense of 'home', 'community', 'the beloved')

14. Equilibrioception, - the sense of balance

15. sense of body awareness (dexterity)

16. sense of humor

17. enjoying or hating smell (one of the basic 5 senses is only about the ability to smell; this one is about discerning the quality of it)

18. sense of style (of fashion and esthetics)

19. sense of direction (topographic intelligence)

20. sense of comfort

21. sense of appropriateness

22. sense of acceleration (and/or speed)

23. Intuition

24. Sense of Trust

25. Clairvoyance

26. Prorogation (sense of needing to stop doing something)

27. sense of sentience

28. sense of audience (+ sense of camera for actors)

29. sense of Self, self-identity ('I know who I am')

30. sense of wellbeing (independent, internal, regardless of what's going on around)

31. sense of being able ('I can do it!')

32. sense of in-capacity ('I can NOT do it!')

33. Telepathy

34. sense of temperature (if we are hot or cold)

35. sense of doubt

36. sense of self-discipline (life-style choices)

37. sense of one's boundaries

38. sense of justice, fairness

39. sense of suspiciousness

40. sense of dignity

41. sense of loss

42. sense of longing

43. Sense of grief

44. sense of entitlement

45. sense of autonomy

46. sense of congruency/harmony

47. sense of meaning (comprehension)

48. sense of authenticity (own and/or other's)

49. Common Sense (my favorite! - but not very common)

50. sense of acceptance (self or others)

51. sense of hierarchy

52. sense of culture (+ historical sense)

54. sense of bonding (with family, places, friends, etc)

55. sense of attachment (to a person, place, object, situation, etc)

56. sense of one's Personal Power

57. sense of overwhelm

58. sense of shame

59. sense of guilt

60. sense of responsibility

61. sense of freedom

62. sense of reality