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A list of ALL our senses

Sharpen your senses, please!

In schools, we are taught that we have only 5 senses... I believe it's a highway robbery! When we counted them as a group in my last course, we found a lot more. The trick is that all of those senses, listed below, need activation, they won't be automatically available to us if something doesn't trigger them... I believe it's our duty to help our young ones to experience the full range of their sensory apparatus!

Here is what we have accounted for:

1. Hearing

2. Sight

3. Smell

4. Touch (pressure on the skin)

5. Taste

6. Sense of time (knowing what time it is & how much time passed since the beginning of some activity)

7. Sense of safety

8. Sense of danger

9. Sense of rhythm

10. Sense of water (to find underground source)

11. Electroception

12. Nociception (ability to discern pain or pleasure)

13. sense of belonging (or sense of 'home', 'community', 'the beloved')

14. Equilibrioception, - the sense of balance

15. sense of body awareness (dexterity)

16. sense of humor

17. enjoying or hating smell (one of the basic 5 senses is only about the ability to smell; this one is about discerning the quality of it)

18. sense of style (of fashion and esthetics)

19. sense of direction (topographic intelligence)

20. sense of comfort

21. sense of appropriateness

22. sense of acceleration (and/or speed)

23. Intuition

24. Sense of Trust

25. Clairvoyance

26. Prorogation (sense of needing to stop doing something)

27. sense of sentience

28. sense of audience (+ sense of camera for actors)

29. sense of Self, self-identity ('I know who I am')

30. sense of wellbeing (independent, internal, regardless of what's going on around)

31. sense of being able ('I can do it!')

32. sense of in-capacity ('I can NOT do it!')

33. Telepathy

34. sense of temperature (if we are hot or cold)

35. sense of doubt

36. sense of self-discipline (life-style choices)

37. sense of one's boundaries

38. sense of justice, fairness

39. sense of suspiciousness

40. sense of dignity

41. sense of loss

42. sense of longing

43. Sense of grief

44. sense of entitlement

45. sense of autonomy

46. sense of congruency/harmony

47. sense of meaning (comprehension)

48. sense of authenticity (own and/or other's)

49. Common Sense (my favorite! - but not very common)

50. sense of acceptance (self or others)

51. sense of hierarchy

52. sense of culture (+ historical sense)

54. sense of bonding (with family, places, friends, etc)

55. sense of attachment (to a person, place, object, situation, etc)

56. sense of one's Personal Power

57. sense of overwhelm

58. sense of shame

59. sense of guilt

60. sense of responsibility

61. sense of freedom

62. sense of reality

63. financial/ business sense

64. sense of purpose, meaning of Life

65. sense of relief

66. sense of satisfaction

67. sense of elimination (a sensation that a trip to the toilet is due)

68. sense of survival

69. sense of volume

70. sense of beauty

71. sense of inappropriateness

72 sense of being cheated on, being lied to

73 sense of coherency (unified field)

74 sense of being watched

75 sense of compatibility

76 sense of composition (to place objects, in a drawing, etc)

77. sense of connection (with other people, places, etc)

78. sense of body language (own and /or other's)

79. sense of enlightenment

80. sense of coordination (in dancing, sports, etc)

81. sense of seasonal rhythms & moon cycles

82. sense of numbers and their relationships

83. sense of self-control (emotional aspect)

84. sense of spaciousness

85. sense of urgency

86. sense of the Elemental Forces (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Metal)

87. sense of voice (in vocal tones)

88. Veracity - a sense of Truth, rightness, goodness

89. sense of satiation

90. sense of gravity

91. sense of compliance

92. sense of boredom

93. sense of distance (how far or close is the object)

94. sense of tension (in the air, in the body, in relationship)

95. sense of thirst

96. sense of tiredness

97. sense of ease

98. sense of having enough/abundance

99. sense of nonsense, wrongness

100. sense of recognition, familiarity

101. sense of satisfaction

102. sense of self-image (physical)

103. sense of hunger

104. sense of independence, sovereignty, autonomy

105. sense of Deity (connection with God(s) and its influence)

106. sense of completion

107. sense of Gaia (connection with Earth)

108. sense of gender

109. sense of lack ('it's not enough for me', 'I'm missing out on it')

110. sense of regret

111. Perfect pitch

112. Reading energy

113. Claustrophobia

114. Imagination

115. Empathy

116. Integrity

117. Sense of Fear (all types)

118. Love (all types)

119. Arousal (sexual)

120. sense of language

121. sense of loneliness

122. Proprioception

123. Magnetoception (sensing Earth's magnetic fields, like birds)

124. Conscientiousness

125. Confidence

126. Perception (psychic)

127. Soul-Awareness

128. Self-awareness

129. Audio perception

130. Inspiration (sense of inspired certainty; feeling creatively inspired)

131. Sense of hopelessness

132. Abstraction (sense of something vague, unidentifiable, absent-minded)

133. sense of symmetry

134. sense of agency (sense to make a particular choice of action)

135. sense of maturity

136. sense of non-verbal communication

137. sense of someone's presence

138. sense of reading between the lines

139. sense to automatically hold one's breath if the face goes under the water

140. All phobias...

141. Sense of separation

142. Sense of different colors (to know blue from yellow, etc)

143. Sense of different flavors (to discern vanilla ice-cream from raspberry)

144. Sense of different shapes and lines and their compositions

145. Sense of being an outsider ('I don't belong here')

146. Sense of having to/needing to procreate, to have a child

147. Sense of absence (of a beloved, a community, etc)

148. Sense of morality, ethics, appropriateness

149. Sense of being conscious

150. Sense of being lied to

151. Sense of expansion (perceiving the big picture; cosmic state of heightened awareness)

152. Sense of Bliss and ecstasy

153. Sense of timing ('it has to be done now', or 'it's not a good time for it')

154. Sense of religious commitment

155. Sense of National pride

156. Sense of group identity (professional/geographical/by hobby/love of animals, etc)

157. Sense of inflated/fragile Ego

158. Sense of being offended

159. Sense of being violated/abused/taken advantage of

160. Sense of angelic presence

161. Sense of Hope

162. Sense of jealousy

163. Sense of anger

164. Sense of greed

165. Sense of certainty for the future, that everything will be OK

166. Sense of connection with the Source Of ALL, Oneness

167. Sense of expectation

168. Sense of being lost (physically and/or emotionally)

169. Sense of Attachment

170. Sense of sleep deprivation/need for sleep

171. Sense of Pride

172. Sense of Attraction (sexual and non-sexual)

173. sense of emotional pleasure

174. sense of sexual revoltion ('I'd rather die than have sex with that person')

175. suicidal sense

176. sense of a 'dead end' (in situations, relationships, projects, etc)

177. 'YES' sense

178. 'NO' sense

179. Sense of multi-dimensional connection with the unseen worlds, other realities, parallel universes, past lives, etc

180. Sense of one's Healing Powers

181. Sense of worry

182. Sense of numbness, the absence of sense, atrophy

183. Sense of auspiciousness

184. Ikigai - sense that this Life is worth living

185. De Ja Vu

186. need to vomit

187. Sense of self-worth (adequate estimations of one's value)

188. Sense of un-worthiness, low self-esteem, misalignment

189. Inflated Ego, Narcissism (over-estimation of one's importance)

190. Sense of magic, awe

191. Sense of bewilderment

192. Sense of powerlessness

193. Sense of Excitement

194. Sense of Grace

195. Sense of clean ('I can stop grooming myself now', sense of clean sheets on a bed, etc)

196. Sense of dirty (I feel dirty, I need to groom myself, I need to clean my space)

197. Sense of laziness

198. Sense of sleepiness (have to go to bed now)

199. Sense of emotional burn-out, feeling off, vulnerable

200. Sense of Chaos, disarray

201. Sense of Visual Perception (not just the ability to look, but the ability to see

202. Sense of lucidity

203. Sense of velocity

204. Spacious awareness

205. Sense of speed

206. Sense of size

207. Sense of age

208. Paranoia

209. Pranoia

I am sure there are more. Please, fill in the blanks for yourself and share with me your ideas).

All of these senses are a given, come with the package, so to speak, but they need consistent activation during the formative period. Otherwise, they atrophy pretty early in Life. Let's make sure that our children benefit from our new awareness and can be guided lovingly to enjoy this full range of their sensory wealth!

(I wish I was taught the sense of time when I was young... I used to be late everywhere. Got punished a lot, of course, and guilt-tripped, but was never actually taught... - wouldn't that be nice?)


April, 2012

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