Erik Decolvenaer
Advanced Facilitator / CAO Belgium

Erik Decolvenaer works as a body-oriented psychotherapist, gives workshops and trainings about personal developement.

Together with his partner Greet Luypaert he gives Birth into Being workshops in Belgium an the Netherlands since 2012.

Greet and Erik are founders of Kasteelklooster Sint-Jansberg. A 14th century old Monastic Castle where they live and work. It is a event- and workshop venue with a mission

+32 13 46 14 71
Monika Lipowska-Hajduk
Advanced Facilitator / CAO Poland

Monika Lipowska-Hajduk is a psychologist specializing in maternity issues (prenatal and perinatal specialization). She enjoys supporting women during pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period, and helping women and couples conceive, gestate and give birth in a conscious and wonderful way.

She facilitates birth in various ways -- offering personal consultations

Alexandra Lehmann
Advanced Facilitator
Germany, Austria, Switzerland

I love to serve as a Soul Doula and Mother of New Earth and for more than 5 years Birth into Being became a big part of my life. Elena's training was like receiving very important peaces of a big puzzle. I`m trained as a medical practitioner in various naturopathic and emotional methods since 2003 (i.e. Systemical clearing, Psycho Kinesiology, EFT, Bodywork)

0049 172 2123 964
Willow Proctor
Advanced Facilitator

Birth Into Being offers and invoked in me, the feeling and KNOWING that WE really can thrive on this beautiful planet. It is my pleasure to serve a loving, powerful, balanced world vision for peace and the exploration of our potential beyond limitation. BIB is guided by a field of mystery, wisdom and intelligence which evolves and supports our efforts, projects, trainings and new understandings.

+49 177 939 87 99
Jessica Blean
Advanced Facilitator / CAO France et des regions francophones
Miranda Jay
Advanced Facilitator

Of all the self-development methods I’ve tried over the years, Birth into Being has consistently produced the most powerful breakthroughs, both for myself and my clients. The multi-sensory approach works deeply into the core of the most intimate issues we are born with and directly accesses and releases bodily held memories and traumas from the past.

This work enables us to come home to what really matters to us.
Ulrike Remlein
Ingrid Suková
Czech Republic

Chceme-li začít novou fázi života, projekt, vztah nebo počít dítě, často cítíme, že nás něco drží zpátky.
Jsou to naše zranění a traumata, která si neseme jako vtisky ve svém nervovém systému.

Semináře Birth into Being jsou nabídkou vám všem, kteří chcete změnit svůj život a stát se jeho vědomými tvůrci tím, že překódujete traumatické vtisky a zrodíte se k novému životu

420 606 754 877
Henriette Wieldraaijer

Henriette Wieldraaijer is a reflexology and massage practitioner since 2008. She noticed that most of her clients recognize certain patterns and behaviour during treatments, but that the massage techniques and coaching were not always sufficient to really help her clients to change. With the Birth Into Being Method she has found a new tool that can really help those people that are ready for that change.

+31(0)592 311 536
Kiria Silke Vandekamp

Kiria is a certified midwife, pre and postnatal Kundalini Yoga teacher, a passionate singer, a home water birth mama and the founder of The Art of Sensual Birthing, where she teaches women how to access their pleasure potential in and around birth by preparing them in all 5 aspects of being human (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual).

0049 7621 1620051
Inelle C. Fuxius

“The BIB-method is an amazing tool and I am truly glad and grateful to know Elena for developing and sharing her life-changing method. Through all the processes and exercises the method comes up with, and within Elenas unconditionally loving way of guiding, I got to know my own potential and what I really want to live. Now it is my deep wish to share what I experienced and to show others this wonderful opportunity to change

Aliya Biteeva

«Мир на Земле начинается с Рождения» Жанин Парвати Бейкер

То каким способом мы родились влияет на всю нашу последующую жизнь, влияет на выборы, которые мы делаем, влияет на наши взаимоотношения с окружающими нас людьми и Миром. Когда это знание открылось для меня, у меня не осталось никаких сомнений относительно того, какой работе я хочу посвятить свою жизнь.

+7 (916) 075 87 40
Benedicte Vansina

+32 (0)16 471732
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