Workshop FAQ

What is your refund policy?

All workshops and trainings are (normally) transferable and non-refundable, including deposits. However, we are going to have to look at this, in light of the current world events. We will clarify the position of the venue, and get back here with updated info soon. Oct, 2021 Prices do not include food and lodging. Please see individual workshop listings for more information.

Does the workshop price include lodging and meals?

No, it is only the cost of the course itself. The food and lodging are separate, and based on local prices.

When do we start?

It's good to arrive the evening before the workshop begins, to settle in. Each day starts 10am and runs until about 6pm. There will be tea and meal breaks throughout the day as well.

How are meals/breaks handled?

Depending on the event, meals may be catered or participants can go out for meals or bring a bagged meal from home. There are lunch, dinner and tea breaks throughout the day. However, the exact times vary based on where the group is with the material. Typically lunch break is around 1:30 pm and dinner break is around 6 pm.

Does the Method focus on reducing traumatic births?

Reducing traumatic births is one of the many focuses of the Birth Into Being Method. The main focus is healing one's own birth trauma, from the person’s own formative period (conception through early childhood). Some participants are not preparing for birth at all. For example, young unmarried men or older women who are past their childbearing age will come for their own healing of their dynamic with the Birthing Field. As a natural side effect of this work their creative force is no longer obstructed, so it is easy to give birth to whatever they want to give birth to, any creative project, including, potentially, a human baby! While this Method helps pregnant women avoid possible future complications at birth, it is not limited to it.

Can I bring my baby to the workshop?

Sorry, but no. Babies are not allowed in the workshop room. Check with the Facilitator of the event to determine your individual needs. It may be possible to have your baby at the location of the event so long as the baby is not a distraction to you or the other participants. A support person would be required and greatly appreciated. You may also consider arranging sleeping accommodations away from the other participants in respect of their needs. As this is an intense training, everyone will need their rest.

Will there be a lot of screaming and crying in this workshop?

Not at all. The Birth Into Being Method approach does not focus on re-living the pain or trauma, but rather on creation of new "reference points" in the nervous system, and a new alternative memory (non-cognitive). The "cathartic" part only lasts for a few moments, if it arises at all.

Are private sessions or phone/internet consultations offered?

Yes. There are numerous Birth Into Being Method Facilitators who offer private 1-on-1 and/or Skype sessions. Please check the "Practitioners" tab for certified Facilitators. Please Note: While online sessions are a useful modern healing tool and may be creative in their enactment, they lack the group dynamic, which is a pivotal player in this work. We highly recommend attending a workshop if you can. The dynamic created by a circle of people with strong intention, propels each individual along on their journey.

If I can only attend 1 day and want to receive the Limbic Imprint Re-coding, which day should I attend?

The actual process of the Limbic Imprint Re-Coding is on the second day of a longer format workshop. Please note that in a short format workshop, it may be on the first day. Participants can come for the first days, but may not join an already started workshop, as we are co creating a field of deep trust and having people come and go doesn't facilitate that. If it's impossible to come for the full workshop, this guided meditation is available as a download here: (scroll to the bottom of the page)

How can I help my baby bond with me after a traumatic hospital birth experience?

At this point the main thing to help your baby (or any small child) heal their birth trauma is TOUCH. Your skin to their skin - holding, massaging, kissing, acupressure, Jin Shin Jitsy (ancient technique of holding different points on the body, connecting and activating meridians). Or you could try it’s modern version TARA approach, developed by Stephanie Mines, the author of ‘We Are All in Shock’. You can do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on her, an even simpler version of TARA. If you can find a very good chiropractor or skillful cranio-sacral practitioner, it would be very, very helpful for both of you to integrate a big experience. Every layer of healing that you would experience will be reflected in the baby. You are still one system. The more you learn to accept and love yourself, the more you can relax into being who you are, the more the baby can relax into having a body. Remember that the important thing is that everyone is alive and the healing will happen, just because you love your baby. When the baby feels loved, Mom gets away with a lot of incompetent decisions. Birth is never predictable and has it's own logic. Baby’s Soul had her/his own agenda, which you had no way of knowing. When it comes to birthing and dying, there are no accidents. The way a baby is born is not only up to you, their spirit also had a big part in how it unfolded. Just keep loving your baby, that is the best remedy. Babies are very forgiving.

How can women prepare for an ecstatic birth?

First things first - a pregnant woman needs to heal her own birth trauma. While therapy sessions may be helpful in understanding what happened, it may potentially be re-traumatizing. The actual healing happens when a new reference point is acquired in the nervous system because it allows the woman to know what it feels like to not be harmed at the time she was born. Then, the next step of importance is for the father of the baby to heal his own birth trauma, especially if he was circumcised. If he is going to be present at the birth, he needs to be able to stay strong, relaxed and focused. Of course, the next step would be to make sure that everyone in the delivery team is free from anxiety about their own births, because, inevitably, it would be projected onto the Birthing Field and prolong the labor. The main ingredient in ecstatic birth is the woman's ability to relax and surrender. To expand instead of contracting. Giving birth is more of a shamanic rite of passage, initiation into the Divine Feminine Art of Creation. It is not a mechanical, medical event. We applaud magicians when they pull a rabbit out of the hat. Most women can pull a whole new human being out of their own bodies! There is nothing more powerful in this reality than that! Every woman who has done this consciously is a Hero of our time!

How can a person heal from not being breastfed?

It depends on the age of the person who was not breastfed - For a baby, touch of any kind (including skilled adjustment or massage) is the best medicine! Attention is also important. Other than that, whatever the mother can do to neutralize her own trauma, will immediately show on the baby. There is a reason why there was no breastfeeding. When that reason is addressed appropriately, lots of tension goes away in her and, automatically, in a baby. Absence of breastfeeding is not the cause, it's a consequence of something else, which needs to be looked at.

For an adult, the Birth Into Being Method workshops are an effective way to deal with this. The Method is designed to efficiently help people heal the trauma they experienced during their formative period.

Will I be able to attend with my toddler?

Question from participant:

I have two and a half year old daughter who still nurses. Is it possible to get a rough idea of the times and breaks of the workshop? Her Dad will be able to look after her for the majority of the day but she will probably need me for at least a little while a few times during the day. I want to determine if I need to wait until she is a bit older to attend a workshop. I want to get the most out of it and not have to miss large segments if she needs me. Thanks so much for any insight you can provide.

Elena's answer: You can try to attend, and if it will work out, then you will pay. If it doesn't work out, then you can just pay for the portion you managed to attend. We break for about an hour at 1:30 and we end at 6. Some of the group may still be doing something past 6, but you are free to leave. Also, it is important that you talk to your child and explain that you will have to be gone to 'become a better mommy,' or something like that. They may not understand all the words, but they will definitely get the message and most kids cooperate when they are communicated to properly.

Postpartum mother wonders how it could have been different; "After planning for a Conscious Birth, my experience was so traumatic... It was not what I had dreamed of.  What could I have done for a more harmonious, less violent and less medicalized birth?"

I am so sorry that you didn't have an amazing experience you've planned... At the same time, I also want to offer my understanding that if I learned anything in the last 32 years of my service with the Birthing Field, it's that there are no accidents in the way we come and go. It has something to do with the Soul's agenda for this lifetime and our birth sets up the journey our Soul requires. It was not just you giving birth. It was, as much, your baby's creation. And if your child needed a different experience of birth or a different mom, they would have had it. From what I understand, the main reason for complications in birth is the birth trauma of the pregnant woman. Do you know anything about your own birth? Did you have any sessions to neutralize the unconscious memories? A woman learns about giving birth by being born. The memory of the internal workings registers in the body on a cellular level. Please, be kind to yourself, it's most important now for you to relax and heal. Your son could be now picking up on your sense of guilt and failure more than the actual birthing memory. Guilt is very toxic, it spreads like a virus in the family. Most likely, it didn't start with you. It's being handed down from generation to generation, our grandmothers got it from their mothers, we got it from ours... it is contagious.

Let go of it, it will never do any good. Learn to trust the big picture! Learn to breathe, to open your heart, to dance, to be happy! Love and happiness are a learned skill. Very few had role models. It's our collective creative project. Nobody has answers for us. Each one of us has to make it up!

Take really good care of yourself now, whenever you get a moment! This is what your baby needs the most - the quality of your presence that assures his well being, that will build up his dopamine production sufficient for his ultimate thriving. He needs to feel connection with your heart. When you relax, your baby will relax.

Get massages, walks, take a bath, whenever you can. And, as I said, the biggest piece in this puzzle is your own birth trauma, which was activated by your pregnancy. Working with it always has retroactive effect. When one woman in the family snaps off from this mass hypnosis of sleepwalking through life, it automatically affects her entire lineage - her foremothers and her children. If you want to deal with that, you'd need to find somebody to help you. I am sure, there are some practitioners in your area that offer sessions on neutralizing birth traumas. The reason why you need help with it, is because the whole point of it is getting a new reference point in your nervous system of somebody out there being there for you just the way you need them to be for you. It's not something you can give yourself being alone with it.

Your partner, the father of your baby, is doing his best supporting you. If he could do better, he would, trust me on that. His birth trauma was activated by your pregnancy, too. If he is not living up to his part, it's because he is completely disoriented. We don't have any traditions teaching boys how to become fathers. So don't expect him to be the rock for you 100% of the time. He actually needs support himself during this time. It is deeply sad and un-natural that in our culture the new parents have so little support and basic education about adjusting to their new status.
I noticed a long time ago that when a mother shifts her energy, it is automatically, instantly reflected in a baby. So, reach out. I'm sure help is at your fingertips! My best wishes and lots of blessings! Elena

What are the Pros and Cons of Hypnobirthing?

Elena: In my estimation, it helps roughly only about 10% of women who attended the class. Is it a 'pro' or a 'con'? Pro - it does help some women. Con - doesn't help the rest of them. The biggest con - it doesn't address the underlying issues that cause complications in birth, like the woman's own birth trauma, ie, which is the main source of complications. If she was 'programmed' on suffering during her own birth, it's almost impossible for her not to replicate it. Then, there is birth trauma of everybody else in the delivery room that plays into this, because the Birthing Field is a spiraling Vortex. Whatever ingredients you throw into the blender, it makes a smoothie out of all of them. The same is in the delivery room. If the father of the baby, both of their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, but mainly, the doctor, the midwives, nurses in the hospital, - anybody who comes into the room, - bring their own unaddressed birth trauma, from the time they were born, it's bound to negatively affect the outcome. Then the other main source of complications in birth is in the Mother's personal history of abuse. If she had an experience of any type of abuse, - sexual, emotional, or physical, - and never had a chance to neutralize its negative effects, it will show up during gestation and delivery in some form of complications. Pregnancy activates everything that is not in alignment with the rhythm of the Life Force pulsation. And for a good reason! The body of a pregnant woman is flooded with the hormonal cocktail of Change! Everything in her body is shifting, recalibrating to make more of the baby at any given moment of 9 months, - she is not a solid system during this period, - she is in the constant flow of adjustments, which makes all of her buried issues rise up to the surface. This is a great opportunity for her to fully reset her system.