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Our mission is to educate and provide the means for healthy, conscious and compassionate lifestyle.


Our Goals:

  1. To teach how to prevent and/or minimize birth trauma in the delivery room and neutralize the negative influence of traumatic experiences from conception through childhood for adults;

  2. To train those who attend deliveries to provide a safe place for the new life. We believe that changing the way we birth our new generation is the most efficient way of stabilizing our ailing civilization;

  3. To train new facilitators to conduct seminars all over the world and carry this work in all major languages. We make a difference in the quality of life on this planet by increasing our neurobiological capacity to love and be kind. We share what we learn and what works for us with anybody who is interested in learning.

  4. To help with emotional aspects of specific issues, like infertility, death of loved ones, miscarriages, terminal illness, etc.

We work with free-thinkers, seekers, healers, as well as with the future parents wanting to raise the new life consciously and with those who help them.

Together, we achieve amazing results.

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