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Birth As We Know It is an amazing film that shares insights on conscious living, healing birth trauma, and preparing for conscious birth

Store Help

iTunes Method for MAC

To transfer the MP4 file to an iPhone or iPad, please use iTunes on your computer. 


Click the "File" tab and select the "Add File to Library".


Browse to and Select the MP4 file you want to add to your device and then click the "Open" button to import the video into your main iTunes library.

When your iPhone or iPad device is connected to iTunes, click on the small iPhone icon to bring up the sync menu, then under the Movies tab on the left hand side, select Sync movies then click Selected movies and in the film browser, make sure you check the small box for your desired film to sync. 


Press the Sync button and your video will be imported onto your chosen device. 

PC/Android Method


Once you have downloaded the film file, select it, then right click and select "copy"


Then connect your  android device to your PC, browse to the main file folder for your device on your PC, then right click, and select "paste" to copy the film on to your selected device. 

To View on PC

Simply download the film to your PC/Computer and  double click the file to begin playback with your selected video player.


For video player help, please see the link below.

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