Whether you are birthing a new baby, a dream project, or an upgraded version of yourself, you must first learn to trust, connect, and surrender to your own Greatness.  When you create from a place of personal integrity, the outcomes are profound. 

Any trauma experienced during the formative period -- preconception through the third year of life -- will leave a lasting negative imprint on the limbic system.  This Limbic Imprint is responsible for the development of your lifelong emotional and psychological patterns.  The Birth Into Being Method, crafted by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, is a graceful shortcut to creating new reference points in the nervous system by Re-Coding your original Limbic Imprint.  The process, like choosing to reboot your computer, is easier than you think!

Do you feel stuck in accessing your creative potential?  Do you always seem to fall in love with the wrong person?  Are negative behavior patterns preventing you from realizing your goals?  If you have tried other modalities that merely treat the symptoms, then maybe it is time to address the root cause. 

…This could be the new beginning you have been searching for.

Experience what it really feels like to be safe, supported, and consciously navigate your life from a place of true Power – Love.  Imagine what it would feel like to live in alignment with your Soul’s intention, and contribute to the thriving culture of future generations!

To locate a workshop near you click here, or to experience a workshop with Elena click here.  Elena will be teaching in Germany, November 2014

Birth Into Being focuses on the conscious creation of a new humanity.  The Birth Into Being Method workshop and Birth As We Know It film are tools to support anyone interested in shifting their behavioral patterns rooted in their birth trauma.

It is our birthright to create a peaceful, beautiful life on this planet.  The time is now to heal ourselves and our collective past, so the future of our species is free to flourish. 

Says Elena, “This is the most important work to be done at this time.”

"Peace on Earth begins with birth."   - Jeanine Parvati Baker