Check out this 1.5 hr video of Elena giving a presentation on her film, "Birth As We Know It."

People's pregnant bodies and parenting journeys have given rise to a flourishing strata of birth and parenting support professionals in recent years. 

It is vitally important for people to know the truth about the way we, the people, have the ability to consciously procreate. Suffering is optional! 

Tapping is a technique integrated into our self-development system, the Birth Into Being Method. Elena  will be joining as a featured guest with the World Tapping Circle on World Water Day for the Loving The Water We Are live broadcast.  Will you join us?

In sync with International Women's Day on March 8, people all across the world are hosting and attending film screenings of "Birth As We Know It." 

Are you ready to let the world know how we can create a society based on Peace and Compassion?  The Birth Into Being team is thrilled to offer our support to you to organize an educational community Birth As We Know It film screening Event.  

We are not our story! We are not what happened to us.  Yes, it is very important to know our history, to understand what is behind the force that is driving us. It IS, absolutely, important to understand what started our habit of giving our power away, of going unconscious.

Post partum bliss bubbles are exquisite and delicate. The immediate hours and weeks after giving birth offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for a freshly made or enlarged family to absorb the new Being who has arrived. 

If you are considering circumcision for your baby boy, you need to see what it looks like.  

This is the very first time I've given an interview in Russian for the wonderful gathering of movers and shakers in Russia. I went in depth about the correlation between our experiences during the formative period, from conception through the early childhood. 

After having a child, the new mother has a very complex hormonal cocktail in her system, which is very different from what's going on with the father of the new baby. But for the purpose of this short article, I'll focus on one of the many aspects, - postpartum sexuality.

We've got a treat for you.  Listen to the just released ReWild Yourself! Podcast: Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova on ReWilding Our Birth Experience.

We are pleased to share the Limbic Imprint Re-Coding Music with you! As stated on the Seckund Naychur website, this music explores "7 tonal layers from root to crown each layered with a wide range of instrumentals and frequencies... Meditative and opening."

"We have absorbed our mother's cry and carry it in our blood and bones, manifesting it as  negative behavioral and emotional patterns throughout our adult life." Find out how why this mentality is deep-rooted in our patterns and how you can consciously create a new pathway in your life. 

So, you've seen the film Birth As We Know It....but what is Birth Into Being?  Just a taste of the workshop.....

This is what Carla Wood is saying about this interview: 

"Wow, I think Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova has pretty much explained to me why and how I feel the way I do about motherhood. Why motherhood feels so important in the story of who a woman is.

If you are pregnant, hoping to become pregnant, or work in any capacity with parents-to-be, please check out Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach, an exceptional new childbirth education DVD series.

Imagine that negative conditioning from your past has no power over you...  What if you could live the life your true identity inspires you to experience?

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, Spiritual Midwife & Birth Into Being Founder, speaking her message for Rising Earth, an event in London for the purpose of "Weaving communities together to unify Humanity"

An invitation to celebrate being alive and being part of the solution to the challenges we see, while enjoying ourselves with music, performance, world renown wisdom keepers and games, in one of London's most beautiful iconic spaces. 

We were asked about pressure to have an orgasmic birth within the current machine culture. Elena response is sure to uplift your spirit. 

With Limbic Imprint awareness, we have the opportunity to gift ourselves and future generations with a blueprint of being totally safe, deeply loved, full of potential and completely connected... 

What is Conscious Evolution? Why does Birth Into Being support it? How do we act now?

Do you feel like you're running on empty, just like Earth? Let's tap into Earth's most abundant resource: Love!

Individually and collectively, we have long endured a troubled relationship to love.  Applying intention, attention and the science of epigenetics we can heal our internal access to love via the limbic imprint.  

In this new book, you can find the voices of 30 women, including Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, who are creating the change we need. 

After watching Birth As We Know It, these ladies are looking at the world with a fresh perspective on what it takes to give birth to a conscious society. 

In "Conscious Evolution", Bruce Lipton presents an inspiring, impressive, scientifically sound look into HOW we are the creators of our own realities.

Welcome to the Birth Into Being Movement.  Here is your source to stay current with our flow. With this new site and blog, we have the tools to communicate, connect, and cultivate our potential as a movement of people on Earth.