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Birth Into Being focuses on the conscious creation of a new humanity. 

The Birth Into Being Method workshop and Birth As We Know It film are extremely effective tools to support anyone interested in shifting their behavioral patterns rooted in their birth trauma.


It is our right to create a peaceful, abundant, beautiful life on this planet.  The time is now to heal ourselves and our collective past, so the future of our species is free to flourish. 

 “This is the most important work to be done at this time", Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

The Birth Into Being Method is a graceful shortcut to creating new reference points in the nervous system by Re-Coding the original subconscious Imprint. Elena developed this very effective and fast method of healing the birth trauma in adults, which allows unleashing the dormant flow of the primal creative Life Force. It inspires the profound quality of presence in the body, which assures our strength, compassion and health. In freedom from fear and pain, we can birth our new Reality, based on common sense.

If you feel like you are ready to part with your negative patterns (like constantly failing with your projects or relationships, procrastinating, etc), and you have tried many other modalities that merely treated the symptoms, then maybe it is time to address the root cause.  Birth Into Being Method could be what you've been searching for!  It is time to experience what it really feels like to be safe, supported, and aware, navigating life from a place of true Power, which is Love.  Imagine what it would feel like to live in alignment with your Soul’s intention, and contribute to the thriving culture of future generations!

When we create from a place of integrity, the outcome is bound to be magnificent. Whether we are birthing a new baby, a dream project, or an upgraded version of ourselves, we must first learn to connect the broken pieces and surrender to our own Greatness.

Traumatic experiences during the formative period (which is from conception through early childhood) leave a negative imprint in the nervous system.  When this Imprint involves harsh and painful experiences, it is responsible for maintaining fear-based emotional and behavioral patterns for the rest of the adult life.There is an overwhelming evidence that the cumulative volume of individual imprinting was responsible for the violent history of humankind for thousands of years of recorded history.

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