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Individually and collectively, we have long endured a troubled relationship to love.  Applying intention, attention and the science of epigenetics we can heal our internal access to love via the limbic imprint.  Conscious evolution in loving, for ourselves and future generations.

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In 1982 when I got involved with the idea of conscious parenting education... The more I learned about it, the more I wanted to be involved.

Available in English & Spanish

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I share this story in my workshops sometimes, how I was once very disenchanted with the way humans behave, thinking that we live like parasites on the face of this beautiful planet... but then I always go on to explain that after I started meditating and understanding more, I came to a realization that Humankind is 'the nervous system' of the Earth


A midwife’s search for explanation of increased birth/placenta complications in Indonesia; possible link with GMO’s


Conscious Pro-Creation as a Pathway to Freedom from Addictions


In preparation for giving birth, it is vitally important to heal the gap in connection between the pregnant woman and her mother

Wedding Embrace

Na przełomie września i października 2008 na zaproszenie Marka Kotas gościliśmy w Polsce Elenę Tonetti-Vladimirową – propagatorkę ruchu na rzecz świadomych, naturalnych porodów. 


Interview with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

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