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Elena's Equation

A Micro-Macro-Universal view

I feel so excited with this equation!!!! For me it describes the nature of the Universe, how it all fits together and our place in it. And it doesn’t even matter, if there are holes in it :) I just had so much fun piecing it together! (taking a bath is where I get all of my insights. something magical happens when I place my body into the body of warm water, close my eyes and start breathing deeply... that’s how the script of my film, Birth As We Know It, came into existence)

Birth into being blog - Elena's Equation

Diagram created by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova​

So, I guess, when we used to say ‘Body - mind - spirit’ - it’s mixing apples and oranges; as mind and spirit are from the same column. So, the correct way to cover all layers would be ‘body-heart-spirit’ or ‘body-soul-spirit’

As I understand it, the Body is a vehicle for the Soul and the Soul is a vehicle for the Spirit.

Ideally, they should be perfectly aligned, like Matreshka dolls (those colorful Russian nesting figurines). But when a baby, due to the traumatic experiences during the formative period, goes into ‘dissociation’, checking out from the body, - that’s exactly the mechanism of the loss of that original, primordial, aligned state of being. The loss of innocence...

There is a saying in English: ‘you scared the life out of me!’ that describes the mechanism of dissociation! That saying, probably, exists in every language, which indicates that at that moment of fright, we loose something (- what is it, that ‘life’, which is being scared out of me?). To my understanding, it is exactly the Body-Soul connection that is being severed in a frightening situation, due to the Nature’s merciful mechanism of dissociation, that allows the brain to ‘check out’ when the experience is unbearably horrifying.

So, it looks like, the Soul is the connective tissue that offers a common ground where the Body and the Spirit can meet and play together. The frequencies of the material world and spiritual realms are so incompatible otherwise, that if the Soul is missing, they can never meet!

If we grow up in that ‘out-of-the-body’ state, surrounded by the adults who are ‘out-of-their-bodies’, because they were raised by dissociated parents, too. And further and further back in time... generation before generation of soldiers and slaves, missing the Soul, not knowing that there is supposed to be ‘the heart’ in the middle of the ‘matter’, trying to accomplish an undo-able task - connecting the body directly with the Spirit, using the ‘middle man’ (a priest), needing to go ‘out of the body’ to experience heaven and nirvana, not knowing that heaven can be experienced right here, on Earth.

Birth into Being blog - Elena's Equation

If the Soul is the middle ground for the Body and Spirit to get to know each other, then what happens if the Soul was knocked out of the body and connection was never activated? In fact, if there was never even a reference point in the nervous system of what it supposed to feel like when all 3 layers are aligned and mutually supportive? The disconnect happens so early in our formative period, - for most of the people, it’s about half way through the pregnancy, when we were 4-5 months into gestation, way before our actual birth, as the latest research in the field of prenatal psychology reveals... Just about anything other than bliss attributes to fetal distress - emotional conflicts between the baby’s parents, toxic diet, emotional conflicts within the pregnant woman’s heart... Historically, add to it constant wars, domestic violence, famine, etc, - no wonder we are so afraid of being born...

We just need to look around to see what happens if the Soul is missing...

We have a civilization driven by the fear-based scarcity mentality. Survival of the fittest - that’s what happens... Survival gets upgraded to the status of ‘norm’, becomes science and religion...

Instead of our own Soul, our own loving heart, providing the connection with the Spirit, providing for us our own reference point of compassionate cooperation, we create an institution of middle men, Vaticans of all sorts, to tell us what is right and wrong for us. While our Souls, frozen and paralyzed in the open Space, not occupying our bodies, human history endured thousands of needless wars.

War is not natural!

The new science tells us that in Nature, there is a delicate balance of cooperation between the species and between the elements. Again: War is really not a part of our true nature.

So, why are we still fighting? What for? Life can be so beautiful! I want to live to see the Balance restored and I’m doing everything I can for it. And I’m sure, you, too. Otherwise, you would not be still reading this article :)


For the work you are doing on this planet,- from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful! We are almost there! I believe that we are the first generation after 6000 years of wars, that will see humankind peaceful and prosperous. In fact, I believe that the war is over already! Those who are still fighting, simply don’t know it yet and some of them, who do know, simply don’t know how to stop. Their identity is built on fighting, from the crib...

It’s a very simple plan, really: to create a critical mass of people who are not ‘programmed’ on war. It’s not easy, but it’s a simple common sense.


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