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Our deep sense of well-being, happiness, intimacy, our ability to love others - are unattainable, until we shift our 'basic settings' within our own nervous system.

I am back in California from an amazing journey to Australia and New Zealand, where I met many beautiful new friends and had plenty of time to visit with those I grew to love in my previous 4 trips. I had many wonderful adventures that I will cherish the memory of for the rest of my life! - My deepest gratitude to all who was a part of this journey!!!

At this moment, I have a burning question: do we know what happened in Japan to all of those babies who were due during the days of catastrophe via elective c-section?

Lots of babies are born every minute everywhere - I am sure there were many of them in the affected areas in Japan, too... I was trying to find some information, but nobody seems to be talking about it... If anybody has the scoop on the true situation with deliveries in any of our numerous other disaster areas, please, forward that data to me.

What happened to ALL of those babies in Christchurch, NZ? in New Orleans? - where there was no hospitals, no roads to hospitals, no electricity for the surgery rooms? Those pregnant ladies who were expecting a sterile surgery room, most likely, were not preparing themselves for an empowering, self-guided, natural experience... - so, what happened to them?

Birth into Being Blog - Basic Settings

It's so ironic... For years, I've heard the fear-based criticism of natural birth, starting with the words 'what if'.....Now it's my turn to ask: what if the next disaster would leave us without electricity for many months? We do need to learn the ABCs of our procreation - as Ina May Gaskin sums it up: 'the same power that put the baby in there, will let that baby out' (or something like that)

This is an obvious thing that I am honestly puzzled at the resistance this idea was meeting in mass mentality on every level - socially, politically, superstitiously, economically, religiously - on every level, Birth was taken out of the context of life and turned into something that it's not - a mechanical, terrifying, medical, mystified blind spot! - ouch!

Of course, on rare occasion, when there is a true medical indication, bless their hearts! I am so happy that we have the doctors who are well trained and know what to do to save lives of babies and mothers; but for the general population, we do need to take responsibility for how we approach bringing in the new generation.

I heard that a new film is being created now, called 'Thrive'. It contains interviews with leading experts in everything to do with helping humankind to thrive - technologies, alternative sources of energy, permaculture gardens, etc... Not a word about thriving as an inborn neuro-biological ability that is either programmed into the human nervous system at birth or not. All the technology in the world can not make us feel thriving if we were deprived of sensory emotional experience of well being in our formative period.

Birth into Being blog - Basic settings

In the same manner if the TV brightness is set on 'dim', no matter what colors are on the film, the picture on screen would be very bleak. Human nervous system non-cognitively remembers the emotions of pain, fear, loneliness, hunger, anxiety, which we experienced in our early moments of life, from conception, through the nine months of pregnancy, birth and the first few years of life; and recognizes them as comfort zone for the rest of our life due to the mechanism called limbic imprinting. Later in life, no matter what we'll learn, or what kind of functional technology helps us to coop with life's challenges, - our deep sense of well-being, happiness, intimacy, our ability to love others - are unattainable, until we shift our 'basic settings' within our own nervous system.

In my estimation, right now, on planet Earth, we have less than 5% of population with a capacity for thriving. I think it's a rather important piece, in terms of why humankind is not thriving right now.

No matter what kind of technology or resources are available to us, it can't make us happy until we neutralize the damage we received during our formative period.

There are many ways of achieving it, - one of them is offered in my experiential workshops. I have put together a very effective set of exercises and processes, which result in reprogramming of limbic imprint.

My Love, Support, & Blessings,


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