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Dr. Sarah Buckley, author of "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering"

WOW! I just finished Elena’s workshop... It was totally amazing and life-altering…. You will have SUCH a good time!”

Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom"
You HAVE TO experience Elena's magic for yourself!

For more video testimonials, visit  Birth Into Being Australia's Vimeo

Mahriah Blackwolf, Body Alignment Practitioner

The Birthshop was a powerful awakening into being more present in my life than I have ever been before. I am so happy I didn't miss this rare opportunity! Elena was a wonderful model to watch, as I don’t think I have ever met anyone who seems to be so fully at ease, comfortably and completely present in her body.

George C. Denniston MD, MPH

  • Retired Professor of Family Medicine, University of Washington
  • President, Population Dynamics, Seattle WA
  • President, Doctors Opposing Circumcision
  • Former Associate Medical Director, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Every young woman in the world, before she even thinks of having a child, should see this film. She needs to know that she has a choice. The choice is between fear, and joy. Which will she choose? Before she can make that choice wisely, she must see the film Birth as we Know It. It is about the happiest day in a woman’s life: the day she gives birth. This film will help her to have a joyous birth, instead of a possibly wretched birth. This film will help her avoid the pitfalls of “modern” medicine, which fails to recognize that Birth is a normal, natural process that women have been carrying out successfully for five million years. This film will lead her toward experiencing the empowerment a natural birth will give her, which is her birthright. It is unlikely that she will ever see as important a film again during her lifetime.

Susan Bradford, Holistic Childbirth Practitioner

Elena's onto something big! It's absolutely true! The process is simple, fast, easy and pleasurable; and yet, at the same time, it is profound, powerful, deeply transformative and undeniably effective. I've been seeing and feeling a big shift since I took the workshop. I highly recommend it for... well, everyone!

Ra-el Corsini, Owner and Artistic Director of The Flying Lotus Movement Center of Mt. Shasta, California, Midwife Assistant (and recovered C-section Mother), 
Elena’s “Birth into Being” workshop moved through every part of my life. It assisted my relationships on all levels. I am now able to recognize the behaviors that are directly linked to my daughter’s c-section birth trauma. Through gentle guidance by Elena, my husband and I have applied techniques that have served tremendously for family harmony. My business has been positively affected as well. By reprogramming my thoughts, and deeply imprinting my subconscious with rebirthing my own birth, I am able to succeed in ways I did not have the confidence to handle before. This workshop is for all, not just the expectant mother. The bonding and peeling away of self is crucial for humanity’s growth and potential. Elena creates a fun, loving, safe environment that supports all types of people.
Repeating the program was a pleasant surprise for me. I got to climb to the next level of healing, and re-apply techniques that I thought I was done with. Of course they immediately served, and more success was created. I believe in the profound, powerful, and enriching work Elena is gifting us with, and am open to answering any questions about my personal experience.

Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes of The Raw Food World

Elena will show you that birth is not only something not to fear - that it can, in fact have the potential to be the most ecstatic ORGASMIC experience of your life. I highly recommend checking out Elena's website by clicking the banner above to learn more about her LIFE-CHANGING, world-shifting work. I also recommend purchasing her DVD - either at our store or from Elena's website at the banner above. I feel that it is the BEST DVD on Natural Birthing out there - absolutely phenomenal.

Tommy, New York
Thank you so much for the workshop! In record time, my life changed for the better. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to move on... Options are presenting themselves at a much quicker pace than I am accustomed to. I have a big interview tonight! One thing is certain, I am no longer stagnant. The last two weeks since the workshop have been a whirlwind and the nearest future promises to be very active as well. Infinite thanks!

Ras, New York
The workshop was a wonderful eye-opener and a reminder for me of what my real priorities in life are; and also how not to get bogged down in things that at the end of the day are not really important. I can only give it my highest recommendation to anyone who ever stresses over their work, life, family, etc. You will gain a true perspective.

Patricia Gale, Santa Rosa, California

Thank you so much for the adventure! At the workshop, I felt so wonderfully connected with the people there, effortlessly, respectfully, and lovingly. There was a great ease in being together, working very personally, with great depth of feeling and meaning. And some very hard work was accomplished! Yet the spirit was light and freeing and celebrative. A very creative, satisfying process. A lot like delivering a baby, in fact! A lot like being born!

Mary K., Writer/ Resource Planner and Community Pro-Activist, Oahu, Hawaii

This workshop saved my life! Recently, at the age of 54, I was at yet another “turning point”. I felt close to seeing my own mortality and wondered how long I was to be on this earth. A dear friend kept insisting I take a class about “birth”. Since I am well into menopause, I couldn’t see the value of such a class, but finally due to her loving insistence, I went to her house and began my new life. I have taken many seminars and self-help workshops, yet "Birth Into Being" was one of the most profound, powerful and life altering experiences I have been through. In the workshop, I realized the blockages, patterns and deep core issues that kept me from being my true self- a being of joy, pleasure, creativity and freedom. I shed many tears as I moved through old belief systems and let go of self-destructive images and behaviors. I realize I was a “good person” and worthy of having a happy and fulfilling life. The workshop was gentle, supportive and life transforming. I will always be grateful to my loving friend, to my Godself for guiding me to this moment, and to Elena, who supported me in this new birth with strength, compassion and great love.

Amani, Puna, Hawaii

Sharing such intimate space with people I had never met created a level of trust that I needed... Being guided through the birth canal with Elena created an experience of healing I've needed my whole life.

Donna, Mount Shasta, California

I've had issues with communication most of my life. What I addressed at the workshop was the issue of not being heard. I am a facilitator for a program that works with high risk families. When I went back to work on Monday I facilitated two family meetings, both of which had difficult issues between parents and children and needed deep conflict resolution. During the meetings I felt empowered and unafraid to speak the truth about what I felt was going on. The meetings went well, and three people thanked me afterwards for being direct and honest, and thought it was of great help to the families we were working with. When I went home that night I got together with a man with whom I had been in relationship. Our main issue was poor communication; both of us were highly unsatisfied. What I got from all the work we did at the workshop with Elena, was how much I have been keeping people away from me. Holding my breath had been one of the ways of creating a barrier of protection. After the weekend, and choosing the empowering mantra for my truth and working with it, I did free myself up! That night my friend and I had true communion; totally nonsexual, but we clicked in with each other, and that was what we were both missing. Elena, what happened for me when you were talking at the Conference, is that my heart opened and I got tears when you were talking about what you are doing... that's when I knew I had to be there, in your class. And when you said at the end of the workshop "Thank you for showing up; not for me just here for the weekend, but thank you for the courage to show up in this life, for yourselves"... I had so many tears, because at that moment I recognized that I have succeeded in accepting and loving myself. Real tangible results.

Dorothy Mandel, MA, Hypnotherapist

I have been in the pre- and perinatal community for a number of years and studied with a number of mentors. I especially valued this workshop because of its pleasure centered experiential nature. Many workshops and trainings address issues of past trauma. Few address the re-creation aspect of linking that missing sense of bodily pleasure and safety into the everyday reality of life’s mental challenges. I came away from this workshop with profound inner changes. For example, I noticed that my body felt roomier and more expansive inside in a very pleasurable way. A few days later I noticed that that inner roominess was mirrored in my outer life in a particularly interesting way. I had always felt crunched by time and I noticed a new sense of spaciousness in my perception of time. Reclaiming the physical pleasure and safety that is our birthright seems to me a foundational necessity for the kind of healing that invites the fullness of our souls back into the expansiveness of our bodies. I am very grateful for and feel gifted by Elena’s offering and my experience in this workshop.

Stina, UK 

Magical things are happening here after the course - the processes have peeled layers off and I have a joy that is wonderful - and a new sense of reality - the world is more beautiful because I released a lot of stress, trauma, and anxiety on the course.  And you were right - when I release things, it releases things in others close to you too...! My mum has cried every night since I got back because she feels a change in me and is so happy and relieved because she feels she has "got her daughter back".  I have seen the after affects of the course - they are amazing and I want to do more. 

Sujata, Mumbai, India

Yes, it has been a rebirth for me..with all of u holding space for me!...Everyone's energy seemed to dance and melt to the birthing melt pot stirred by Elena. Learning from all.I once again took one step higher in my spiritual journey. Promising to ever be a part of birthing, for the mankind. A great spiraling experience!


 Pamela Melcher 

It is beyond amazing. Such a help to remember so much better the depth and breadth of what happened. This is off topic, but I need to say it. Elena, your vid and work are not about older folks, but you said in the Intro to the BIBle some things about what older folks can get from your trainings and I just need to speak up here. For myself, I started at your 10 day a process of rebirth that deepens and widens as time passes. I personally do not experience "aging" as decline and something I need to accept in the sense of it being "bad" and I have to put out energy to see its value. Especially after the 10 day. Out of love for you all I speak. Being an elder has an amazingness all its own. I have never been happier because I have never been close to this wise. Most negative images of "aging" come from Western industrial nations' main stream media, including film. When has this been a source of truth? When has it been a source of distortion? Which is it most often? Almost all cultures except Western industrial cultures value elders. In my more sarcastic youth I used to quip that what mainstream culture says is bad is really good, and what mainstream culture says is good is really bad. There is some truth to that. A few years back, reflecting on this, I…what mainstream culture gives the worst rap to is older women, so that must be where the gold is buried…and I find that to be true. The 10 day helped me to be ever so much better at finding the gold. I am sure that just a 2 day or just watching the vids would go a long way toward doing that. Love to you all. Blessings May you live long.

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