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Quit the Bad Habit

Birth into Being Blog - Quit the Bad Habit

It is vitally important for people to know the truth about the way we, the people, have the ability to consciously procreate. Suffering is optional!

Help us anchor the new birthing paradigm into humanity’s mass mentality via your social media channels and your mailing list.

“The intelligence of Nature and of Higher Consciousness is not supportive of suffering. It is actually against our nature to be born into excruciating pain. It is simply a bad habit that we, as a species, adopted a few thousand years ago. Our message is that we can drop that habit and replace it with a beautiful organic way of bringing the new generation to Earth. ”

~ Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Every second, an average of 200 babies are born in the world, whose mothers did not have a chance to find out that they can have a beautiful birth. We don’t have a moment to lose!

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