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Post Birth Bliss Bubbles – And Why We Need Them

Updated: May 19, 2021

Birth into Being Blog - Post Birth Bliss Bubbles


Post partum bliss bubbles are exquisite and delicate. The immediate hours and weeks after giving birth offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for a freshly made or enlarged family to absorb the new Being who has arrived. Creating a calm peaceful atmosphere allows the newborn to explore their infinitely expanded universe and the accompanying sensory explosion, at a slow, gentle pace.

Babies arrive wide open to receive love. Their senses are more heightened than they will ever be again, with neurological and psychological habits of perception, understanding and response being set at an incredible rate. Optimally the feelings of being loved, accepted, adored, completely safe and connected to everyone around them will be imprinted. This ‘limbic imprint’, created in conception, gestation, birth and the early years stays with us throughout our lives, creating a subconscious emotional comfort zone and ‘settings’ for our nervous systems.

In order to honour the newborn and the birthing family, and create optimal health and wellbeing in this period there many things one can do. It might take some consideration and time and you may need the help of others. Maybe you need to stretch your comfort zones around receiving and asserting yourself. Both are necessary skills for Motherhood, so it’s all part of the divine design!

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