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Nicole lives by the sea, on an intentional community in rural Australia.  Homebirth Mother of two - facilitator, filmmaker, writer, performing artist, public speaker...  She has been an oxytocin enthusiast and natural birth passionista since her own life changing birth experiences in 2002.

Facilitating groups, couples, individuals (in person or online) with ease and grace, Nicole utilizes her skills as an empath, communicator, change agent and provocateur in working with the Birth Into Being Method.  She offers memorable, unique experiences, in a field of safety, support and connection.  Drawing from a collection of processes and healing arts, she gently guides release from the trauma of a less than blissful entry to life, previous difficult deliveries of babies into freedom from inhibiting or subconscious beliefs about oneself.

With a spirit of lionine love and freedom, Nicole takes you to your creative edge with this theatrical, fun and connective play for the soul.

"Nicole’s skill and dedication as a holder of sacred space is remarkable. I can say without hesitation that with her you are in safe hands. The respect and reverence she brings to this revolutionary work is outstanding and I rejoice that people are able to spend time with her healing, growing and appreciating the depth, wonder and magnificence of being human."

- Shivam Rachana, Byron Bay 2013, &

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    Hello Kestutis, Yes we hold workshops internationally in the modality discussed above. Please look around the website for one close to you. Where do you live? Blessings, Nicole

Nicole is a homebirth Mama of 2 - workshop facilitator, filmmaker, performing artist, natural birth passionista... An oxytocin enthusiast and change agent/provocateur of birth practices since her own life changing birth experiences in 2002.
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