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Considering Circumcision?


If you are considering circumcision for your baby boy, you need to see what it looks like.  Given that the specific erogenous nerve endings on the foreskin that the doctor so mercilessly tortures are the most sensitive area of the entire body, designated for the full and accurate perception of pleasure, AND the fact that a new baby is generally about 100 times more sensitive than an adult, we can't even begin to imagine what this baby feels...

 It sends the baby into a perpetual state of dissociation and shock for the rest of his life. Some men learn to recover and become socially responsible individuals, but they still carry this big hole in the very center of their being. 

Unfortunately, circumcision is not the only form of popular assault on babies. Premature cutting of the cord, separation from the mother, sensory overload with bright lights and loud noises, etc, etc, etc, etc... no wonder people on our planet are so disoriented, having a hard time to discern right from wrong, destroying the ecosystem of Earth and running on scarcity mentality on this planet of plenty.

Watch for yourself:
Infant Circumcision: Injection and Procedure by mevoniak

Please watch this message from Doctors Opposing Circumcision: 

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