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Twenty-five years of thorough research in the field of prenatal psychology show a direct correlation between the way we were born and our subconscious behavioral and emotional patterns. So, the way we are born defines the quality of our experience of being in our body throughout our entire life. We come into this world wide-open to receive love. During the formative period, as our first primal experiences, our nervous system is "limbically imprinted", or programmed with the undeniable rightness of being. Being held in mother's loving arms and seeing the great joy in father's eyes provides us with a natural sense of bliss and security.  It sets the world as the right place for us to be in. But, if our first impressions of being in our body are anything less than loving, then that "anything" imprints in our system as a valid experience of love!

The beginning of our life is immediately coded into our nervous system as a "comfort zone," acting as a surrogate for true love and nurturing, regardless how painful it actually was. Statistically, 95% of births in the USA are rated as "traumatic". As adults, we unconsciously re-create the conditions that were imprinted at birth.

But it turns out it's not very difficult to create a brand new Limbic Imprint. Instead of trying to fix the old "programming" (by re-living the initial shock of being born), it's most effective to just acquire a whole new vivid, rich, wonderful and sweet birth experience! Seminar participants can have an actual in-the-body experience of being conceived, gestated and born in love and natural ecstasy. The seminar combines guided meditation, movement, breathing exercises, role-playing, and more... and it's very entertaining!


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