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Health Policy

We expect you to take care of your own physical needs during your time with us. If you have physical injuries you might like to know that while we will be sitting for periods of time, there are chairs, mattresses, cushions available for you to make yourself comfortable and there will be breaks for movement.

Any dancing or physical exercise is optional, and can be tailored to your needs.

The workshop venues are often in small villages and may not have the supplements or things that you need, so come prepared.

Mental Health


If you are in a vulnerable state of mental health, please be realistic about your capacity to be with a group who are working on their inner worlds. It is a powerful field, that can get noisy and stimulating. It is important that all participants are able to be self-regulating and capable to engage in their own self-care for their personal wellbeing.

There is section on the registration form regarding mental health. Please be clear with us about your situation, so we can best understand and support you.


If you are in current psychiatric treatment you may be required to consult your mental health care provider/physician, to assess if this workshop is appropriate for you to attend right now.

This is an alcohol and substance-free/sobriety event. 


You will be highly encouraged always to eat well, drink more water, move, dance, and sleep for repair and integration.

Common Sense Policy

If you are unwell/ill, have tested positive for Covid or any other illness that is contagious, we trust that you will be self responsible and withdraw from the workshop.


We reserve the right to refuse entry, or to ask participants to leave the workshop in the event of unacceptable behaviors.

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