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We are not our story!

We are not our story! We are not what happened to us.

Yes, it is very important to know our history, to understand what is behind the force that is driving us. It IS, absolutely, important to understand what started our habit of giving our power away, of going unconscious. But, by no means, it's not who we are! What happened to us is not our true identity. True identity is in the space beyond the story. Build the bridge! There is a You that has a story. That You is so much bigger than any story you know!

The criteria of success of your journey of self realization is only in self reference; it will never serve us to compare ourselves with someone else. It's not really tangible, because it's not about having a certain look, or a particular kind of relationships, or business success or any given percentage of body fat... Because it can be that our ideas of success were based in our old limbic imprint, in the place of our inherited misalignment, and it's not what we are truly longing for.

And it's important to remember that there are growing pains that come with it...

Often, when we achieve alignment, our world, as we knew it, starts falling apart. Because, first it starts demanding us to go back to where we were, into that place of misalignment because all of our previous connections are wired from that place. If you shift, those connections start drying up and falling off, because they don't belong in the new space that you are now creating for yourself.

There is such thing as true connection with someone,

which can be salvaged within the transition time. It's the kind that is worth fighting for. Not only it can be saved, but it has the potential of gifting you with an experience of true intimacy, may be for the first time ever. If your partner has the capacity to recognize, acknowledge and honor your journey, you can shift together into that space of greater alignment. That's a very beautiful spacious experience. My best wishes to you for this great season of Transitions!

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Founder, Birth Into Being

December 4, 2014

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