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ReWild Yourself! Interview with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

Daniel Vitalis dives in deep discussion with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, one of the pioneers of Conscious Evolution and founder of Birth Into Being, about how our traumatic birth experiences shape our psychology. Including:

  • Our world experience begins before conception

  • Birth experience is related to emotional memory

  • We are raising a society programmed to have needs neglected

  • Thousands of years of slavery still live in our bones

  • Daniel’s birth and childhood experience

  • Most of our fears have deep ancestral roots

  • Myths of birth complications

  • The altered state of Ecstatic Birth

  • The #1 way to avoid complications during birth

  • Give birth in a place, ina way, that connects to your true nature

  • How to deal with outside pressure when making decisions about your pregnancy

  • What does today’s ReWilded child look like?

  • Dissociation is ingrained in us from birth

  • An amazing story of a child healing herself from birth trauma

  • Healing words of wisdom from Elena

This interview is part of the free ReWild Yourself! Magazine, Dispatch 4 - The Operant Condition. In order to view and listen to Elena's interview, you will be sent a password to view the Dispatch after you signup. Click on the above link or the photo to get started. An extended version of Elena's interview will be released soon is available now on the ReWild Yourself! podcast on iTunes, which you can subscribe to. Also interviewed in the Dispatch is Stephen Harrod Buhner on Reclaiming Your Feeling Sense. He's an Earth poet, and his books on nature and herbal medicine have personally touched and altered me. I am grateful to Daniel Vitalis of ReWild Yourself! for bridging the work of Stephen and Elena and reminding us of the primal connection of our bodies and body of the Earth.

Did I mention there's also an article on Releasing the Conditioning: Why Menstration isn't Dirty, by Alexandra Schueler? So, what are you waiting for? Start listening and reading! Enjoy the sweet treat, you deserve it! Much Love, Lily Rhoads

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