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​A Passionate Call for Action

Birth into being blog - ​A Passionate Call for Action

The world needs to become more aware about the birthing field.  The lack of information is our “weakest link”. We need to become informed about conscious procreation

I have traveled a lot in the past few years, speaking about conscious procreation and human rights for infants. In an overwhelming majority of places, I see a devastating situation with maternity care and birth.  The way infants are being treated leaves a lot of room for improvement... Around the globe, C-Section rates are at an all time high, in South Africa, for example, one lady shared with me that she was called a 'pervert' when she express her desire to have a natural birth. Women are routinely harassed into unnecessary medical intervention without any explanation about what side effects it would have for the baby. There is very little effort made to prevent complications.  

Mothers and babies are being treated so poorly...

The enormous body of information accumulated in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology still remains esoteric knowledge. It hasn’t yet made it into the medical textbooks or into mass mentality. At this point I see this as the weakest link: a lack of organized effort to reach out to the youngest generation. If we have all of the data in the world, but it’s not being shared and introduced on every level, starting with sex ed classes in Junior High, - it’s as if we don’t have any data at all.

The message of Conscious pro-creation has to hit mainstream like never before if humankind wants to survive and evolve.

The obvious degradation of our species is not going to reverse on it’s own. We need to brainstorm together, and find ways of going public. We can use the endless possibilities of media and Internet, reach high schools and libraries, and get involved in state programs geared toward preventative measures. (Drug use and early pregnancy prevention organizations, for example, have large state funds and are not optimally effective. Very few of them use techniques and skills to heal the trauma from one’s formative period of life that causes self-destructive behaviors. We can find ways to utilize the resources available through those programs, also.

With few exceptions, maternity care among nations of our planet is downright despicable.

How did we get so low? What happened to us? I truly believe that we can fix it. It’s not too late yet. Pre and Peri-natal psychology needs to get out of the closet and march the streets. All of the brilliant work of brilliant, dedicated researchers should be unveiled, disseminated widely, quoted left and right by every honest obstetrician and childbirth professional. I see it happening. And then it will only take one non-traumatized generation to grow up, and clean up the mess that our civilization has created. Do you see what I see? I hope so.

In Love and Service,


June 2008

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