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Orgasmic Birth within the Machine


We were asked about pressure to have an orgasmic birth within the current machine culture. Elena response is sure to uplift your spirit. 

The question:

When I saw Orgasmic Birth I was disappointed and quite concerned about the likeliness of further undermining women's emotions and psyches. Statistically, I'd read half of all women never even experience orgasm with their lovers; women are tired and stressed and some never did have. Now put pressure on yourself to have an orgasm at birth in a medical facility - that a doctor in my film calls "a war machine" and where the men individually, routinely said it was like being in a war zone.


To the question about showing orgasmic birth or not (because it may upset those who can not do it), i can answer with another question - should we show Olympic games? what if someone gets upset that they can not run so fast or jump so high? The last thing on my mind was to upset someone, honestly! I was surprised and saddened when I heard that this footage might stress women out... it never occurred to me... But then again, I've been teaching this for over 30 years and witnessed so many women going from terror of birth into a beautiful space of strength & surrender, that for me it's a daily reality. 

It used to be believed that a human body is not able to run a mile under 4 minutes. Then it took only one man to break that spell and demonstrate that it can be done. Now, there are hundreds of people doing it, only a few years later, which means that in a few more years, we'll have thousands...

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