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Birth should not be taken out of the context of Life. Birth is like a hologram, it reflects everything that happened in a woman’s life. It reflects her cultural background, her family history, her relationships with men, with the world in general and with herself. 

Introduction to Soul

Hi there, beautiful ones! How are you today dealing with your gravity? Are you aware that you are dealing with gravity? Well, yes! Every second of your life ever since you got out of your mother's womb!.............

Russian Christianity_edited.jpg

In the chaos of Russian upheaval, after 70 years of enforced atheism, when religion was forbidden and declared "opium for common people", there exists an enormous thirst for spiritual knowledge and guidance. 


I feel so excited with this equation!!!! For me it describes the nature of the Universe, how it all fits together and our place in it.  And it doesn’t even matter, if there are holes in it :) I just had so much fun piecing it together! 

basic settings_edited.jpg

Our deep sense of well-being, happiness, intimacy, our ability to love others - are unattainable, until we shift our 'basic settings' within our own nervous system.

Making Love to the Ocean.jpg

Here is my 'Making Love With The Ocean' poem it came in the rhythm of waves...

A list of ALL our senses_edited.jpg

In schools we are taught that we have only 5 senses... The trick is that all of those senses, listed below, need activation, they won't be automatically available to us if something doesn't trigger them... 

Letter to Michael.jpg

My beloved husband, with every microsecond of our lives that we do not make a conscious effort to choose to remember who we are, we are not who we are. This is it! That is an answer! 


When you talk about the love which is GOD, it's a different sort of love then the one that goes in the end of the telephone conversation in California: "by-by, luv ya". 

Counting My Blessings_edited.jpg

Blessed be the time when I was scared, and the time when I was brave, when I was poor, young, old, gorgeous and ugly, generous, jealous, kind, silly, forgiving, forgetful and everything I EVER was...


Listen to a meditation from Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova via the Vortex of the Birthing Field.

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