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How Dreams Came True

How Dreams Came True


This is a story about Russian people, Common Russians, not famous politicians or sportsmen, or scientists. This story is about people you don't hear about on news reports.

I want to tell you about an amazing community in the Ural Mountains known as "Molodyojney Jiloy Komplex", or "MJK", which means "Residential Complex for Youth." I want to share my admiration and compassion for the people who live there.

Although it's residents are ordinary Russian families - engineers, teachers, bus drivers, factory workers, this community is one-of-a-kind; and it started a whole movement in Russia in the seventies. The very creation of this community is a saga about these young people's ingenuity, courage, innovation, guerrilla war with bureaucracy, their great use of humor, and their ability to turn every aspect of their dreams into reality. 

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