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Birth As We Know It - Educational Version - 43min

Birth As We Know It - Educational Version - 43min


This DVD contains two condensed versions of the original feature for any time-limited presentations in classrooms and conferences. it contains 8 births, including the c-section and circumcision episodes for educational purposes

This special Educational Edition is tailored for Childbirth Educators, Midwives, any prenatal practitioners and Physicians in mind, to help them introduce viewers to a brief yet powerful information about the possibilities of Conscious Birth.


Directed by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova ~ Produced by E. Tonetti ~ Co-Producers: C.K. Borthwick and George C. Denniston ~ Edited by Skyler Sabine ~ Copyright © 2006

  • File Format & Details

    MPEG4 Format Video File - Duration: 29:28

  • Compatibility

    Playable on PC and Mac..  For ipad and mobile devices please see Store Help Page

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