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Louise Keane, Galway, Ireland

In 2011, while 7 months pregnant, I met Elena and experienced the power of the Birth into Being Method. My old way of life ended and a new one began! I am a Craniosacral Therapist, a wife and a mother to 2 boys. Becoming a mother was a rite of passage in my life. The difference between the births of my sons gives me a clear understanding of the power of this method. I experienced a traumatic birth with my first son in 2009.


After attending Elena’s workshop in 2011, I had an empowering, conscious birth with my second son. The profound change in how I birthed convinced me of the effectiveness of this method – I felt the need to tell every pregnant woman I met about Elena’s workshops!! How a person is birthed and its effect on a person’s way of being is apparent in the differences between my sons, in how differently they relate to others, relate to the world, in the tone of their nervous systems, anxiety levels, physicality etc.


Gaining awareness of the effects of my own birth on my life patterns was the beginning. Experiencing a method that changed those life patterns and recoded my limbic imprint was inspiring! It convinced me that this method is for everyone – men, women, children... So I attended facilitator training with Elena so that I could share the Birth Into Being Method with others. Her Method allowed me to deepen into myself and to clear past traumas, to deeply connect with others, to connect with infinite love and the source of all creation. I felt aligned, vibrant, connected, balanced, loving and loved. I also know that I want do more!


I know that anyone can change if they choose it. We can choose to recode our limbic imprint. We can choose to “create a memory” of the ideal experience of gestation, birth, bonding, rearing, nurturing. This changes our nervous system and thus how we are in the world, our way of BEING. When we feel/remember an ideal beginning to this life, then we open, expand and remember who we really are. We remember who we are and why we were born. We can love freely. We can explore the possibilities. We can explore ways of Being.

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