Rising Earth with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, Avi Esther Shekinah, and Miranda Jay



Come join the fun! Saturday, April 12 in London.  

Rising Earth ~ All Day Celebration ~ 11am - 11pm  ~Everybody Welcome!!!

12 April 2014

An invitation to celebrate being alive and being part of the solution to the challenges we see, while enjoying ourselves with music, performance, world renown wisdom keepers and games, in one of London's most beautiful iconic spaces. 

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova will be joining Rising Earth Via Skype 

Elena and Miranda Jay bring with wisdom of 'Birth Into Being' and 'Birth As We Know It' in an informative and interactive way, which may have everyone moving and spiralling if I know BIB (and I do). 

First a sharing and introduction by Elena then a 10min promo of 'Birth As We Know It' followed by information and inviting conversation facilitated by Miranda. 

Host and MC

Avi-Esther Shekinah

Co-Founder of Dance Walking London and The Golden Light London


Tickets are pay what you think it's worth: http://bit.ly/risingearth