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Limbic Imprint Re-Coding' Meditation with Elena Vladimirova

Limbic Imprint Re-Coding' Meditation with Elena Vladimirova


This meditation is recommended for those who have participated in a Birth Into Being Method Workshop so they can experience the magic again.


Please consider that guided live, within the Birthing Field, created by the amazing group dynamic, called forth for each course, and countless other factors, this meditation is much more powerful during the actual 'Birth Into Being' workshop, than being experienced on its own. This said, if you are unable to participate in a workshop, this meditation still has the capacity to take you on a deeply profound and healing journey.

For maximum benefit, we recommend not to do this on a full stomach, or at a time when you are fatigued.


Before the meditation a high powered physical activity, preferably dancing, is strongly recommended for 10-15 minutes to get the energy going; followed by a few minutes of 'monkey breath' (rapid facial movement and fast, shallow breathing, a disorganization of the facial muscles, which allows the cortex to surrender the habitual control and shift into a more subjective, 'feeling' state). After the 'monkey breath' give yourself a couple of minutes of slow flowing movement, resembling the movement of a seaweed, to cool off and connect with your body in a very spacious way. Then lay down into a previously prepared 'nest', making sure beforehand that it is warm and comfortable.


This meditation will take you on a 18 year long journey; you will create a new memory of your happy childhood, a new reference point in your nervous system of what it would have felt like to have an ideal school, friends, teachers, a healthy introduction to your sexuality, a desire to learn and become a healthy, empowered, skillful, compassionate member of the Earthly community!


We know you will love it and benefit greatly from this Limbic Imprint Re-Coding meditation!

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