Letter to Neal Donald Walsh

Updated: May 19, 2021

Birth into Being blog - Letter to Neal Donald Walsh

The many meaning of the word "love"

Dear Neal,

With gratitude I have read your book, often thinking - finally somebody said it! And good timing, too!

I also wanted to share with you some comments. Please, forgive my errors, my English is still very young, it's all new to me.

You use the word "love" often. But what I noticed is that in English the word "love" is greatly misused. When you talk about the love which is GOD, it's a different sort of love then the one that goes in the end of the telephone conversation in California: "by-by, luv ya". It's almost necessary to come up with another word for love which is God. It's just not the same thing. Human love is warm, nourishing, sensual and sentimental. It requires time, actions, proofs and tests. It's the state of the soul. To know itself it does need to know what love is not.

The love which is God is the state of oneness. There is no experience of boundaries of the soul or the body. The one who loves doesn't feel separated from the one who is being loved. It does not need the experience of the opposite to know itself because there is no opposite. It is a total bliss, overwhelming, flooding all other sensations. It is everlasting orgasm, the word "love" is too small for it. Probably, as well as any other word. In the dense vibrations of our physical reality it is virtually impossible to experience it. But we do have here something vaguely resembling our experience of oneness before we were born here, that we call love.

The difference between the two could be described as if you need to be on the top of the Everest and you already got in the car in San Diego to go to the airport to fly to Asia to climb it. So, that getting in the car in San Diego is the closest we can get in our physical reality to experiencing love which is God, compare to it being on top of the tallest mountain.

It's confusing enough that we have the same word for all the spectrum of human emotions: sibling love, parental love, love to motherland, love of chicken soup, love of lovers, love of scuba diving, etc. But to give the same name to experiencing God is simply irrelevant. If we still need some sort of a symbol for it, maybe "the everlasting orgasm" sounds most accurate. Human love is associated with "open heart" feelings. Connection with God is experienced by every single cell in the body as unbearable ecstasy when it is almost hard to breathe. The body loses its tactile sensations, its boundaries, everything disappears. It's the complete, total homecoming.

The other comment is on "birth of evil". I thought that you addressed that phenomena somewhat groundlessly. The whole concept you are introducing on evil's right to be part of our lives is very new for the mass consciousness. So I thought it deserves a more careful approach. The "birth of evil" was not that simple. It was not created voluntarily as some sort of horrible trouble maker entity. Besides, I have not witnessed fear to be known in other realities*. It is our sole privilege.

Birth into Being blog - Letter to Neal Donald Walsh

God sure had fun designing humans.

That design came out beautiful and intricate. Let me bring the analogy of driving a car. As I sit behind the wheel, I do little movements turning the wheel, pushing some buttons on the dash board. And the whole big, heavy machine obeys my commands. Watching the traffic from the sidewalk, we understand how it works. Traffic rules and street signs create that urban harmony. It is obvious to us that God is not moving each car. It moves because it was designed to move. And we also know very well what will happen if one car will decide to move ignoring the rules. Somebody is going to get hurt.

The same thing is true with humans. We are designed to live in our bodies according to various rules. All the fun is that our physical bodies and situations that we go through during our reality - time-space continuum with it's own specific order and purpose lives are only the tip of the iceberg. And those rules are written on the underwater part of it. Through the history of humankind there were attempts to bring the knowledge about them out in the open. That's how morals were created in every culture. But they mostly have failed. Because those rules were created in high vibrations and by the time they arrived into the heavy, dense earth atmosphere they got transformed and misunderstood. Nevertheless, they have their full power on us. God's part in it was the very creating of this complicated, interconnected system called human being. Our design provides us with free will, which is also our sole privilege. It exists only in the realities with humans. I have not perceive it in any other realities, which are infinite..

Our other outstanding characteristic are two basic instincts. We were automatically assigned all the basic instincts that animals have. But that is not accurate. For example: humans can choose death to protect their ideas, and many did which is not thinkable of in the animal world. Or: the excited artist or scientist can go hungry for days forgetting to eat. Try to imagine a lion being so involved with some project. Or: a lot of people consciously choose not to have children, for example, which is also a trait unique to humans. And so on and so forth.

Our two basic instincts are very different from those in the animal kingdom. First, is the instinct of self-destruction (which got the name of "evil" in the religious scriptures). Second, is the burning desire to self-realize as immortal. To carry out a mission that will keep one's name in history. To accomplish something that will rise one above the level of sluggish automatic existence. It is the strive for the reconnection with God. This duality, polarity, if you wish, is the key reason behind all of our movements. It is the guarantee that we are not going to sit still here. It is a blessing and sponsor of our evolution.

To make matters more exciting, our model (going back to comparing our mechanism of that of a car) carries all the interdependency between personal karma, family karma, the country's or the nation's karma, professional karma, and so on. Plus, to all the karmic ingredients we have our dynamite personalities and the ingredient of fate. All of that is supposed to make the porridge tasty! And it does, but sometimes we lose the balance between first and second instincts (if you wish you can switch the numbers, it doesn't matter). When we run ourselves in self-destructing mode, we cannot experience that porridge as tasty. The good news is that it is absolutely in our power to switch the mode. It doesn't really take that much.

I'd like to say a little more about how our personality is involved in the game. First, it's important to understand the given. When we perceive people as independent individuals, we see only the tip of the iceberg again. In that unseen part we all belong to one organism. Our roots are all connected, so to speak. It's like when you look at somebody's hairdo you can see each hair but you also see that they all belong to the same head. Now, imagine that somebody's eyelash will start acting superior towards the same person's pubic hair! Wouldn't you want to spank it? Or fingers would start claiming that they are better and more important than ears, for example. It's obvious to us that it is an irrelevant claim. But precisely that is happening between people. When one person is feeling superior towards another, according to our design, the Whole is balancing the situation by reminding the first one how fragile that superiority is.

Through illness or bad luck or even death. Depends on how far it had gone. When one cell in the body starts acting against the interest of the whole organism and requires some special attention and energy, that person will soon be diagnosed with cancer, for example. The body in that case will start the process of neutralizing the stubborn cell. And if it is too late and that cell got too powerful, recruited lots of other cells, then the only way to stop the invasion is for the whole body to die. The same law of the universe is true in every part of it, in every time-space continuum. For example, being in a state of heightened awareness I have watched in the civilization of galaxies the same relationships as in the civilization of sperm.

Birth into Being blog - Letter to Neal Donald Walsh

When one person acts like cancer cell, he or she gets the same kind of treatment from the Universe. And as I mentioned before, it's not because God is watching our every step and evaluating it. It happens simply according to the cause and effect rules of our intricate design. Sometimes a whole nation disappears according to the same law. Shave the hair off, so to speak.

Let's look more attentively at what exactly that means- feeling superior. Pride is one of the most familiar, though there is a lot of subtle forms of pride. Pride is a terminal disease. In fact, it is the number one killer through the history of humankind. If you will look carefully you can see that it killed more people than all of the plagues, accidents, and illnesses put together through all sorts of wars, crusades, witch hunts, and tyrannies. Sometime later I'd like to devote more time to tracing the subtle merciless ways of pride eroding people's lives, slowly bringing to the end family lines, destroying the offspring's vocational future.

For example, mother's great pride in her child could cost that child a broken leg and later on drop out of school. Children's misbehavior serves as a lightening rod for parents, grounding the energy of pride, by putting parents down their children actually heal their souls preventing their terminal diseases. But as children mature and turn out to be good people after all, parents don't have their rod anymore. Which often leads to their serious health problems or car accidents or whatever. Nothing is one-digital here. The universe is extremely creative in balancing itself. It has a good, soft sense of humor, it is not emotionally attached to the process, and it is not in a hurry at all. When a person is too deep in his or her delusion, it takes a few generations of that family to untangle the knot. The earthly time between cause and effect depends on evolutional level of the soul.

The higher the level the shorter the time. In other words, when people with highly evolved souls make "mistakes", they face consequences immediately. And those in the very beginning of their journey do not have the means yet to recognize the pattern. So it doesn't make sense to make it even harder for them. They may never get it in their lifetime. So their children will have to deal with it and maybe the children of their children. Until somebody in that family will wake up finally and stop that pattern. It's kind of like filling a narrow throat pitcher with water- the fuller it gets, the faster the water level rises. So, the higher the evolutional level of the soul, the faster it evolves. It actually gets fun up there. At some point the soul doesn't need pain to grow anymore. It starts evolving without suffering. And it is absolutely beautiful!

Another aspect of superiority is condemnation. That is the big one. Feeling righteous is so tempting, so provocative. It's really hard to let go of that one in the world where it is so obvious that what "they" are doing is wrong! Look at "them" cutting down our rain forest! Or look what "they" are eating! And how "they" are worshipping! And how can God tolerate "them" raping our children and women! And what about all those ex-husbands and ex-wives? Isn't it all of their fault? Don't we have the right to get angry and aggressive towards "them"? Because "we" know better than that. Because "we" are better.

The sad truth is that "we" are very ineffective in "our" actions against "their" actions, as long as we are angry. Aggression hides our deep insecurity and fear.

That state of mind leaves us practically powerless, it robs us of clear thinking and elemental energy. It is simple arithmetic: to be effective we need all of our energy to ourselves. We can't afford wasting it on anger! We were angry with them for too long. It doesn't serve us anymore! We are losing the battle, because "they" are not wasting their energy on feeling righteous.

Kahlil Gibran beautifully expressed it in his poetical prophecy: "He who is worthy to receive his days and his nights, is worthy of all else from you. And he who has deserved to drink from the ocean of life deserves to fill his cup from you little stream, too." He sure didn't mean the stream of your judgments. When Jesus Christ urged us not to condemn he didn't mean it's just bad manners. He meant that feeling superior towards another is hazardous to our souls, to our health, and to our planet. So, open heart, good nature is the best preventative health care available.

Birth into Being blog - Letter to Neal Donald Walsh

It's time to change the strategy. "They" are not our enemies. They are just on the other side. Like in the chess game. You play white, I play black. For the next game we will switch the colors. If in this series of "games" the total winning score would be after those who played self-destructive "evil" figures, this whole reality will vanish, and another series of games will start all over again somewhere else with the same parties involved. If a miracle will happen and "goodness", wisdom, and love will take over; peace of mind and creativity will prevail for a whole millennium and then another series of games will start all over again. It is as simple as that.

Page 25, 4,5 paragraph from the top: seen and unseen are not two equal parts. Seen and unseen relate to each other about like one particle of sand compared to the great desert of Sahara. For us the visible world is blown out of proportion. It seems very big and important. It reminds me of the map of the United States that I have seen, produced in New York. On that map, New York is spread on 5/6 of the territory and the rest of the country occupies the surrounding 1/6 in a cartoon like manner. Seen- our physical reality- is only one out of the endless amount of realities.

Talking about spirits as of the general population of the "unseen" is not accurate. Fortunately, they are not doomed to hang out all together in some soup, called "unseen". They belong to different realities in a highly organized manner. These realities are well protected from each other by their boundaries in the same way that our reality is separated from others.

Page 25, last line: Not all of God's creation has the same power to create. In fact, very few. Most of the realities don't have such a privilege.

Page 26, first line: God cannot adopt physical form out of the thin air. God created the rules of this physical world and is not going to violate them. To have the physical body in our world, one has to be born here. Through a woman. That's the only way. We are IT. But IT is not us. Like our clothing can be "us", but we are not our clothing.

Page 26, second line: "my purpose for creating you is to know myself through you, and as a secondary effect through you knowing yourself". There is a subtle difference.

Page 28, first paragraph: In the desire to know itself, God did not create purposefully any additional obstacles like lack of remembrance of who we are. We do not consciously choose to forget it. We consciously choose to enter this reality knowing that by arrival we will not remember why we did it. It happens just because of the physical characteristics of our material world. Its property is a low, heavy frequency that cannot hold the information from the higher vibrations. Material world simply is not possible in the high vibrations where knowledge originates. I