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Introduction to Soul Awareness

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Hi there, beautiful ones!

How are you today dealing with your gravity? Are you aware that you are dealing with gravity? Well, yes! Every second of your life ever since you got out of your mother's womb! But as the Chinese proverb goes: "when you are swallowed by the tiger you can't see the tiger."

We are so used to gravity, that it's hard to notice it. Nevertheless, every one of us has to deal with its physical and metaphysical aspects. My work mainly deals with it in metaphorical sense. Did you ever think that life is a serious business, that it's a jungle out there, that this world is not a friendly place in which it's hard to find loving partners? That's metaphorical gravity!

That's an anchor that holds us frozen in one place preventing us from experiencing our adventurous, fearless selves.

Stay in touch and keep your spirits high in this time of changes and challenges!

In Love and Service,


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