Accommodation Fees as at 2019 (all prices include three meals, and may be subject to change for 2021)


Participants who are staying 16 nights (or more):  


  • Single room 80€

  • Double room 65€ per person



Participants who are staying at least 10 nights:


  • Single room 90€

  • Double room 75€ per person


Participants who are staying 1 to 9 nights:


  • Single room 97€

  • Double room 83€ per person




The venue (Hotel Sonnenstrahl) is offering breakfast and also a rich and filling but not too heavy vegetarian buffet (salads, sprouts, soup, main dishes etc.) for lunch and dinner. Usually a significant part of the food is gluten free.⇒ These three meals are included in the lodging costs.


There will be a small number of participants taking part in the seminar who live close to the venue and for this reason won’t stay at the hotel overnight. For these participants the following costs apply:


  • Breakfast:9 €

  • Lunch:13 €

  • Dinner:13 €




Drinks are not included in the lodging costs. If you want to drink during your meals other than water or juice, you’ll have to pay for this separately. Coffee, tea and other beverages are provided for breakfast, and throughout the day are paid for separately.  The Astro Bar is open in the evenings, although we do recommend staying free of intoxicants during the workshop.


Filtered and boiled water is available free of charge throughout the day and night.


Additional Parking


Non-resident participant fee:  There is a fee of 7 € per day that has to be paid by participants who live close to the hotel and therefore don’t stay at the hotel overnight (included in this fee is: use of the facilities, pool, cleaning, electricity, etc.). As  before, participants who don’t stay at the hotel also have to book the meals since this is part of our contractual agreement with the hotel (because of this agreement participants who stay for at least 10 or 16 days get a very good discount on the room prices). So participants who don’t stay at the hotel still have to pay the daily fee (7 €) plus the meals (35 €) which adds up to 42 €.


Swimming pool

The hotel offers an indoor swimming pool, so it is highly recommended to bring a bathing suit.


Internet access (WLAN)

The hotel offers free WLAN access but only in the “Astrobar” and not in the rooms
(there are also no TV sets in the rooms).



Kisslegg is a small town and the area is pretty rural. Shops are closing rather early in the evening. Bring everything you'll need in regards to toiletries etc

For more venue information please click here: Yoga & Seminarzentrum Sonnenstrahl