Russian mail order brides

A journalist asked me to share my insight into this sphere that I have never publicly discussed before.  Now I thought to share my reply with all of my readers:


"It is happening all over the globe, not only in the US, - Russian women are leaving by hundreds of thousands during the last 10 years for Europe, Australia, even South Africa... They are looking for a better life, of course, but mostly for a man who could be a good husband and a father to their children. There is a critical shortage of healthy, emotionally present, intelligent men in Russia. Those who fit this description are absolutely amazing, highly evolved, accomplished, spiritual individuals, but they are few and far between... 

During the 20th century, we had a systematic, deliberate, consistent elimination of the best of the male genetic fund of the nation - through, first, the WW1, then Bolshevic revolution, then Stalin's repressions, then WW2... Each one of those catastrophes took millions upon millions of the best and the strongest of the men, who died in the trenches and GULAGS, before they had a chance to have children. Plus, among those who survived, and did not physically die, the quality of life was so poor for so long - a few generations of orphans, practically... - starvation lasted in Russia basically from 1915 thru the end of the 20th century, when most of the nation was simply malnourished and abandoned. Basically, the whole country, 11 time zones, is one big orphanage... "Mother Russia" historically was never kind to her sons. It was always a dangerous adventure to be born a boy over there.

It was also almost impossible for a man in Soviet Russia to self-actualize as a creative individual, - the political situation only allowed them to do what they were told to do, by the communist leaders. It created a very unhealthy emotional landscape of alcoholism and depression, or the opposite - criminal tendencies, aggression, mafia/gang mentality. 

It's just not very sexy... Women are mostly not interested in any of that, as far as ''who I want to have my children with". It's actually very interesting how gender specific the hardships are, because in those same circumstances that destroyed Russian men, women were not degrading, but becoming, if anything, more beautiful and powerful with each generation - just keep doing what they've always done - surviving, taking care of the young, supporting life against all odds... 

I still have all of my close girlfriends in Russia that 20 years of my living in the US did not put a gap between us - my inner circle of about a couple of dozen women. They are very well educated, successful business owners, skillful, fun loving, all in great shape, always optimistic - all single! Some of them have never been married, some of them lost their husbands to poor health or mafia extortion. My daughter's biological father was killed in Moscow. He was 42. The male life span in Russia is 54 and 72 for women. There is now negative population growth there - more people are dying then being born."