Carla Wood’s Motherhood and Mindfulness Summit, with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova!


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This is what Carla Wood is saying about this interview: 

"Wow, I think Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova has pretty much explained to me why and how I feel the way I do about motherhood. Why motherhood feels so important in the story of who a woman is.

She explains beautifully how generations of information and misinformation around birth, men and women interplay and have effect on who we are as women, mothers and souls. (and men too)

This is so what need to be talked about, to be brought into our understanding so we can be mindful and aware of the complexity of what is being experienced in our families.

This interview just takes the power of a mother to a whole new level of capacity. Go amazing mothers go, you are truly able to change the world!"

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