"Birth As We Know It" International Film Screening Day 2015



A heartfelt invitation for you:

Help us ground the new birthing paradigm on Planet Earth by exposing yourself to the beautiful energy of ecstatic birth--all together, at the same time!  In sync with International Women's Day on March 8, people all across the world are hosting and attending film screenings of "Birth As We Know It." 

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If you are not hosting or attending a community screening, please watch the film yourself, even if it's just the 3 or 10 minute trailer.  If you have time, watch the full 74 minute documentary to help us saturate within the intention of bringing the new era and safe landing for the new people.  


 We are hosting a wave of screenings all over the world.  We're not setting up any specific time to accommodate your busy schedule. Together we can really anchor this energy into the mass mentality. Enjoy the video! 

- Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, Creator of "Birth As We Know It" and Founder of Birth Into Being

 Read this excerpt from the New Zealand press release:

"Could the fact that 90% of births in the USA are traumatic affect humanity's ability to experience peace? Could Peace on Earth begin at Birth? Elena Tonetti, Director of the award winning film 'Birth as we know it', says yes."

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