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16 day Advanced Facilitator Training in Germany August 2018 with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova. Stay tuned for more info, coming soon.

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  • Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 07:30 PM
    Yoga Center of Chico in Chico, CA

    Origins Meditation - Resolve Negative Early-Life Experiences

  • Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 09:00 AM · $150.00 AUD

    Darwin Limbic Imprint ReCoding

    DARWIN  Limbic Imprint ReCoding
    Your own early life experiences, including the biggest one - how you were born, are imprinted strongly in your nervous system and can greatly influence how you live your life today. Much of how you view the world, the daily and life choices you make, and your behavioural patterns began with these earliest imprints.

    The Limbic Imprint ReCoding process takes you back to your beginnings with a powerful, in-the-body experience of true nourishment, love and safety from conception to birth. A combination of movement, breath, deep awareness and the brain’s amazing capacity for neuroplasticity, the LIR offers your nervous system new reference points of wellbeing, and a sense of trust and calm.
    Realigning your internal compass to the truth and beauty of birth and life as it can be, this simple yet highly effective processes will transform any less than optimal early imprints, allowing greater connection to self, love, life, creativity and purpose. 
    Join us on February 11th and re-imprint yourself with true nourishment, love and safety as your first experience of life, for an improved quality of life today.  For anyone who had a less than ecstatic birth or entry to life and would like to activate and embrace themselves, into an easier more joyful way of being.
    This workshop will allow you to:
    • Experience greater connection to your Self, and with others
    • Strengthen your sense of belonging, wellbeing and purpose
    • Discover how the way you were born may be affecting the way in which you experience and live your life today
    • Establish new reference points in your nervous system of greater capacity for love and creativity
    • Release your own inhibiting early imprints with the renowned Limbic Imprint ReCoding process
    • Connect in deeply with the pregnancy and birth journey if you are expecting
    • If you are trying to conceive, align to the pregnancy you desire and open the channels for conception
    Cost:   $150pp, $225 per couple
    When: Sunday 11th Feb 2018, 9am-3pm
    Venue: CEA, Darwin

    Your Facilitator: Melissa Schulz is an Advanced Birth Into Being Practitioner and certified Birth Doula. Her focus is on emotional wellbeing, because life is too short to not feel good! The Birth Into Method utilizes transformative processes, based on neuroplasticity and pre- and post-natal psychology. Melissa holds regular workshops on the East Coast of Australia and is returning to Darwin for the first time since 2014. All Welcome, men and women, 16+ years. Workshop includes movement, use of breath, guided visualisation.  Contact Melissa at if you have questions.
    "Birth Into Being (Limbic Imprint ReCoding) has shown me ways to work through my emotions. Thanks for giving me new tools that I can use on my daily life.  Birth Into Being has reminded me to take care for myself.  Thank You!"
    JJ Polit, Townsville May 2014.
  • Monday, February 12, 2018 at 09:00 AM · $150.00 AUD

    Darwin Birth Into Being for Mums

    DARWIN  Primary Relationships for Parenting
    A unique Mums with Bubs workshop, Birth Into Being style. 

    Have you ever caught yourself saying or doing something just like your own mother did? Did you know your own experiences and the way you were cared for as a young child imprinted upon you strongly and can subconsciously influence your own parenting style today? Even a good early childhood has things in it we may wish to change, as none of us, including our parents, get it perfect all of the time.
    Primary relationships are the ones with your parents and they ultimately form many of your core beliefs about all relationships and parenting. Did you feel safe, wanted, valued, nurtured or did you sometimes feel rejected, hurt, unsafe or shut down?
    In this unique one-day workshop, together we will explore those primary relationships between ourselves and our parents, and ourselves and our children. Recognizing and addressing any less than optimal imprints frees you up to be the mother you want to be, according to your standards.


     This workshop will allow you to:

    • Align to your own parenting beliefs and trust in yourself
    • Enhance your natural connection with your child
    • Learn gentle touch and communication techniques
    • Discover how the way you were parented may be affecting the way in which you experience parenting now
    • Release your own inhibiting early imprints with gentle, safe processes


    Bookings essential

    Cost:   $150pp
    When: Monday 12th Feb 2018, 9am-3pm
    Venue: CEA

    Your Facilitator: Melissa Schulz is an Advanced Birth Into Being Practitioner and certified Birth Doula. Her focus is on emotional wellbeing, because life is too short to not feel good! The Birth Into Method utilizes transformative processes, based on neuroplasticity and pre- and post-natal psychology. Melissa holds regular workshops on the East Coast of Australia and is returning to Darwin for the first time since 2014. All Welcome, men and women, 16+ years. Workshop includes movement, use of breath, guided visualisation.  Contact Melissa at if you have questions.

    This work is important. That is the most accurate word I can find to describe Melissa's Birth Into Being workshops, important. I learned so much over the 2 days with Melissa. I learned about me, about my mother, about being a mother, and that this incredible  responsibility began from the point we chose to conceive. I am more empowered and more real from having done this gentle yet powerful work and I know that every participant would  feel this also. 
    ​Thank you Melissa, truly important work."
    Donna, Professional Dancer, Vegan Health and Lifestyle Coach/Author and Mother.

  • Monday, February 12, 2018 at 07:30 PM
    Yoga Center of Chico in Chico, CA

    Origins Meditation - Resolve Negative Early-Life Experiences

  • Thursday, April 05, 2018 at 10:00 AM through April 14, 2018
    Garden of Eden in Woltersdorf, Germany

    Birth Into Being 10 day Immersive Retreat and Apprenticeship training

    Have you ever considered the possibility that your capacity for love, intimacy and connection were intrinsically related with the circumstances of your birth?

    Birth Into Being
    10 day Immersive Retreat and Apprenticeship Training
    April 5-14, 2018
    Woltersdorf, Germany
    Facilitated by Jessica Blean and Willow Proctor, both first generation facilitators of this work.


    Recoding Our Biology of Connection and Roots of Love:

    Birth Into Being is a multi-sensory approach that engages both rational and non-rational parts of us through body-centered explorations, breath work, movement, facilitated meditations and experiential processes which harness the loving and focused energy of the group field, propelling us forward into new territory in our lives. 

    Individuals are encouraged to have the felt experience of being conceived, gestated, and born in love and natural ecstasy. We influence the origins of our emotional patterns by creating new, positive, reference points in our nervous system. We can experience a greater variety of positive experiences in our lives by freeing ourselves from the unconscious imprints that drive our behavior. We also practice activating the power of our own innate source of wisdom as our primary compass for guidance in our daily lives, which is so vastly needed in these times of transition.


    Some of the people who benefit the most from doing this work are:

    • Expectant parents, especially mothers and fathers who want to give their babies a head start in life by not passing on their own issues and traumas to their children.
    • Artists and other change makers who are looking to access and unleash even more of their creative power in the world.
    • People in the helping professions such as therapists, counsellors, bodyworkers, coaches, community builders, etc, who want more insight into themselves and their clients and who want to learn new tools to support them more effectively.
    • Parents of children who may have had difficult or traumatic births. By clearing their own experiences of their births and their children's births, parents are able to support their children in their healing journey by providing a more neutral and supportive nervous system for their children to access.

    Anyone who desires more love, connection, and purpose in life and who feels that there is something holding them back.


    Event Location

    This event will be held in the beautiful little Garden of Eden paradise, the piece of Earth cared for by Willow, her 2 daughters Gaia and Shanti, and the boys (2 male cats,) located in Woltersdorf just 45 minutes outside Berlin, Germany. The property is directly on the edge of the forest and 5 minutes walk to the Flakensee lake. Historically, this area was a known for it’s “air spas,” a place people rejuvenated themselves with clean air, waters and nature. We set our intentions for this event to be an intense set of core touching experiences as well as the space for deeply relaxing into your quiet center. Included in the plans for the week is a sweat lodge ceremony on the land, a healing journey back to the earth womb to our connection with the Elements and Spirit. Please begin to open yourself for new experiences, inspirations and pathways. 

    The workshop will be primarily in English as well as language support in German and French.


    Residential accommodations:

    Shared accommodations at retreat center and onsite camping available on a first come, first served basis.

    Offsite options available on request.


    Course Fee:

    130€/day Non-residential

    Early Bird Price: 1250€ if deposit received by March 1

    1300€ Off-site

    1400€ Residential

    Daily copious vegan lunches will be catered for an additional 10€ per person.

    130€ deposit is required to reserve your place in the retreat.


    To reserve your place and accommodation space contact:

    To register:


  • Saturday, May 05, 2018 at 10:00 AM through May 10, 2018
    Oltjärn Retreat Center in Hede, Sweden

    Birth Into Being 6 Day Wilderness Retreat in Sweden with Willow Proctor

    A beautiful experience in a beautiful place.

    We invite you to join us for the Birth Into Being journey (levels 1-3) this spring, in a cozy retreat center in the Sweden's pristine wilderness.

    Location website:

  • Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 10:00 PM through August 26, 2018 · 16 rsvps

    Birth Into Being Workshop Levels 1-5 & Facilitator Training with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova August 2018 Germany

    This is the last chance to be trained personally by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova in Europe ... at least for the time being. Elena has only been offering one training per year for the last three years now. These trainings took place in Kisslegg, Germany. Next year this won't be the case any more. So if you're interested in experiencing the Birth Into Being Method with its founder herself, please sign up on our event website soon as the seminar spots are filling up much faster than last year and the year before that.

    The whole seminar is facilitated in English by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

    Workshop Level 1: August 11-12, 2018
    Workshop Level 2: August 13-14, 2018
    Workshop Level 3: August 15-16, 2018
    Workshop Level 4: August 17-18, 2018
    Workshop Level 5/Apprentice Training: August 19-20, 2018
    Facilitator Training: August 21-26, 2018

    Kisslegg, Germany (event website)

    • It will be held at (closest airports are Memmingen, Friedrichshafen, Munich, Stutttgart and Zurich, Kisslegg can be reached by train coming from these airports, then it's 15 min walking distance from the train station).  
    • Prices for meals and lodging for participants are listet on the event website

    For Participants from Eastern Europe we offer a discount of 33% off the regular rate due to the economical situation and the significantly lower average income in these countries (e.g. the average income in Russia was 660€ in 2012).

    Claim your right for greater happiness and find your place of Power, born of Love & Compassion!

    We invite you to:

    • Strengthen your sense of belonging and well being
    • Deepen connection with your Higher Self, other people, and the Source of Life
    • Gain new reference points in your nervous system for greater ability of intimacy and creativity
    • Fearlessly birth a new project, a new baby and a new You!

    We share an understanding that within each cell of our bodies, we carry an imprint from our formative period. If our emotional body was overwhelmed during that period, then a lifetime of ineffective coping strategies and outdated behavioral patterns may occur.

    Birth Into Being Method offers a very effective approach to transforming a less than blissful Limbic Imprint to a highly functional and enjoyable one.

    Our multisensory, multi-generational approach, informed by epigenetics and neuroplasticity, focuses on the formative period from preconception through the early adolescence and is geared towards both men and women. The full 16-day program consists of 20 processes and 18 exercises, each designed to further facilitate alignment with the intelligence of Nature’s creative Power.

    Watch the video:

    Course Description:

    The full Birth Into Being Curriculum consists of 20 processes and 19 exercises. During the 8 days (4 Levels) of the therapeutic portion of the course, the participants will have enough time to  experience most of them to address all the main issues in a powerful, transformative way. Yet, within the limited time of 8 days, it is not possible to experience all of them, that's why we offer the additional 8 days, which will include also the training portion. The exact curriculum, order of presentation, and the depth of coverage depends on the group dynamic and the specific facilitator. There is no rigid structure or order of things in this work. Spontaneously responding to the needs of the participants is part of the training and establishes healthy relationships with the Vortex of the Birthing Field.

    Also, interwoven into the tissue of the course are journaling, sharing in a circle, dancing, massage circles, tea breaks, heartfelt connection with other participants, etc.

    Same with the topics covered: in a free flowing, storytelling format, the facilitator has a long list of  important issues to address, depending on the specific needs of the participants.


    Level 1

    (first two days)

    Focus on the time from your preconception through post-partum period:

    • Dive deeply into the ‘underworld’ to break through that which is holding you back in life; to recover that which is most precious.
    • Alter the ‘basic settings’ in your nervous system & align with the vortex of the Birthing Field** through a dynamic blend of modalities
    • Re-Code your Limbic Imprint** of inhibiting emotional patterns by creating a new memory of being conceived, gestated, born, and breastfed in blissful and safe circumstances.
    • Create new reference points of emotional comfort aligned with your conscious intentions.
    • Invoke your inner 'Elder' - your deepest Wisdom as your constant companion
    • Besides the experiential processes in Level 1, following Topics will be covered:
    • Free Will and the fractal nature of the Universe
    • Limbic Imprinting. Harvesting the outcome of the way we were born.
    • Birth matters: What is birth trauma?
    • Creating an alternative route - Tri-brain Concept
    • Transforming Fear (of birthing, of living, of dying...)
    • Consciousness of Procreation - The Miracle of You
    • Unleashing creativity
    • Love, as an acquired skill
    • Level 2

    Level 2 (the next two days)

    Focus on your early childhood through about age 10:

    • Healing the traumatic impact from interactions with your biological parents.
    • Recovering the loss of power in childhood; breaking the Silence; establishing the new reference points for healthy loving relationships.
    • Disengage counter-intentions and victim mentality via bringing the three parts of the brain, responsible for our mental, emotional and physiological functions into a harmonious resonance.
    • Resolve deep unconscious conflicts;
    • Unravel your family dynamic and acquire a new perception of reality based on Safety and Love.
    • Increase your own capacity for Love and Upgrade your nervous system
    • Levels 3 & 4

    Levels 3-4 (days 5, 6, 7 & 8)

    Revise your emotional life further into adolescence:

    • addressing negative dynamics with people other than your biological parents;
    • trace the sources of your dysfunctions and transform them into a valuable resource.
    • Recalibrating experiences that violated your integrity, crushed your primal sense of Self.
    • Make yourself at home within your new ‘basic settings’.
    • releasing resistance to living in abundance; empowering your purpose on Earth.
    • Creating an alternative memory of a great childhood (best friends, exciting adventures, amazing teachers, early introduction to conscious way of living, birthday parties of your dream, the most profound sexual awakening, rites of passage, etc, - all you needed to grow up happy and safe).
    • Activate a powerful flow of oxytocin

    Topics Covered in Levels 2-4:

    • Intentions vs counter-intentions
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • investigating victim mentality
    • Transforming addiction to suffering
    • Emotional Incest. Empowerment of Anger
    • AMO (addictive modes of operation)
    • Sibling Rivalry
    • Our 120 Senses
    • Acceptance. Forgiveness. Surrender.
    • Harvesting negative experiences vs victim mentality
    • Prosperity Consciousness
    • Setting priorities for the next phase of life
    • Circumcision, C-Section
    • Post-partum Sexuality
    • Betrayal of the Mother

    Apprentice Training (Days 9-10)

    Get Certified as an Apprentice:

    • Learn to sustain the new state of being
    • Deepen your own healing and practice facilitating the processes of the Birth Into Being Method.
    • Get certified to lead Birth Into Being Workshops, Levels 1-3, and/or integrate the techniques into your existing practice (See ‘Become a Practitioner’ guide)
    • Become a part of the Birth Into Being group of practitioners in 22 countries, most amazing people, who are lovingly and actively supporting each other.
    • Debrief on all of the above from the facilitation perspective.
    • Practice Level 1 - 3 processes with each other.

    Facilitator Training (Day 11-16)

    Get certified as a Facilitator-In-Training, and, after fulfilling additional requirements, as a Facilitator and eventually as an Advanced Facilitator:

    • Get to know the full curriculum of 20 processes and 18 exercises with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova.
    • Upgrade your skills and have more time for peer practice
    • As a facilitator be able to teach levels 1-4, as an advanced facilitator be able to teach levels 1-5 workshops and certify new apprentices. Additional requirements and some restrictions do apply.  For more info, please, see our “Become a Facilitator” guide