Birth Into Being Workshop - Levels 1-3 with Willow Proctor

Level 1 (2 days) - 240€, Level 1 & 2 (4 days) - 440€, Level 1, 2 & 3 (6 days) - 600€

Till the end of May we are offering a 10% early bird discount.
We offer also 10% discount for couples sharing a household or/and being pregnant
Discounts cannot be added to each other.

In English / Polish

The workshop will take place during Body - Earth - Love Festival in Poland, in the middle of nature. It will be accompanied by life music, offered by Babek Bodien. During the days of the workshop there will be shamanic drumming sessions and sweatlodge ceremonies available in the evenings.

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About Willow Proctor: 

Perhaps it was a calling from my own birth, in a small, one room, log hut in the wilderness of Northern Canada. Or perhaps the inspirations of the beautiful births of our children at home in the countryside of Germany. There is something deeply significant about the way we begin our journey in this world.

In the weeks after Gaia's birth, I felt the soul call to find beautiful ways to help other women and couples experience the touching, deeply empowering possibilities for conscious birth. Becoming a practitioner and facilitator for Birth into Being has given this call wings. The spectrum of healing I have experienced myself through this work is something so precious I could fill books with the stories . In one word, I would describe the effects of Birth into Being as: HOPE...for all of us.

The vision paths of this work fill my heart with joy. It is a great honor to serve pregnant women and couples, to see them recollect their power, walk through fears, shed old patterns. To witness the blessings of their births and to celebrate each baby who comes into this world into gentle, consciousness. It is also a great honor to guide those adults who did not have an easy start in life, or who experienced difficulties in past birth, regain the lost power and find a totally new field of possibilities for themselves. To come back to their fundamental nature, and start living here on Earth as their soul long intended. What an incredible gift to be part of this! I feel deep in my heart, this work is a key to the changes we all wish to see in the world. Birth Matters... and we are preparing on earth for the birth of a 'new' consciousness. HOP

July 15, 2014 at 10am - July 20, 2014
Body - Earth - Love Festival
Lamkowo, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship
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Aleksandra Nimue Kosakowska · · +31 643 861 253, +48 604 858 985
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    Attention! The participants of Birth Into Being workshop with Willow Proctor receive 20% discount for The Mystery of Healing the Earth workshop with Kasia Auli Barszczewska. Kasia is one of the first Birth Into Being facilitators in Poland and is going to use the method during her workshop. For people having already experience with Birth Into Being, it might be a great opportunity to deepen their experience and embrace the aspects of collective unconscious patterns that will be touched during the workshop. Welcome!
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    Impressions from Birth Into Being workshops, which have transformed lives of already thousands of people around the globe. Birth Into Being is a worldwide community of people devoted to the process of "birthing themselves" into the Fullness of their Potential as well as to preparing the path for the future generations, so they can come into this world in love and peace. Since the peace in the world starts with the peace in the womb. Join us! Till the end of May we are offering 10% discount for Birth Into Being workshop with Willow Proctor during Body - Earth - Love Festival.
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    And here the information about the shamanic journey with the drum sessions with Etira Gts and Jaskon Jpg, which will supplement Birth Into Being workshop.
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    Great news - in the time of Birth Into Being workshop during the festival Etira and Jaskon, travellers, therapists and shamans, will be with us at the camp, offering Sweat Lodge ceremonies, shamanic journey with the drum and individual sessions, supporting our bodies in the process of transformation. Below the information about 2 Sweat Lodge ceremonies that they will offer. Available for the participants of Birth Into Being as well as for the people from outside the camp who like to join in for an evening.
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    Hear other people sharing their experience from Birth Into Being workshops.
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    Only till the end of May - 10% early birds discount for the participation in the Birth Into Being workshop - welcome to register via the form on this page:
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