How can women prepare for an ecstatic birth?


First things first - a pregnant woman needs to heal her own birth trauma. While therapy sessions may be helpful in understanding what happened, it may potentially be re-traumatizing. The actual healing happens when a new reference point is acquired in the nervous system because it allows the woman to know what it feels like to not be harmed at the time she was born.

Then, the next step of importance is for the father of the baby to heal his own birth trauma, especially if he was circumcised. If he is going to be present at the birth, he needs to be able to stay strong, relaxed and focused. 

Of course, the next step would be to make sure that everyone in the delivery team is free from anxiety about their own births, because, inevitably, it would be projected onto the Birthing Field and prolong the labor.

The main ingredient in ecstatic birth is the woman's ability to relax and surrender. To expand instead of contracting. Giving birth is more of a shamanic rite of passage, initiation into the Divine Feminine Art of Creation. It is not a mechanical, medical event. We applaud magicians when they pull a rabbit out of the hat. Most women can pull a whole new human being out of their own bodies!  There is nothing more powerful in this reality than that! Every woman who has done this consciously is a Hero of our time!