Peace on Earth begins with Birth - 'Birth into Being' Film Screening

Birth As We Know It - A call to Conscious Birth.

Special one-off event for International Women’s Day: world-wide screening of the Award Winning documentary" Birth as we Know It", a film on Conscious Birth.


Birth As We Know It, directed and produced by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, is a stunningly beautiful film about natural birth. Since its release in 2006, Birth As We Know It has spread to 58 countries and, without any advertising or marketing, has received global recognition as the most comprehensive guide to conscious birth. Already in its 8th edition, it has been translated into 14 languages.


Despite advancements in technology in many countries, maternity wards unwittingly often do not assure the well being of infants and their mothers.

According to statistics in the USA, up to 90% of babies can experience a traumatic birth without this being recognized by either the birth family or medical personnel... until the consequences show up later in life as unhappiness or ongoing illness.

This film delivers a powerful transmission of what it takes to give birth consciously and gracefully, and the happiness, health and self-empowerment which can come from healing our birth trauma.


Traumatic experiences during the birth process and formative early childhood period can leave a negative imprints in the nervous system.

Quite literally we are ‘limbically imprinted’ with the experience of our birth.

The fascinating thing is, whatever we experience at birth and our first few days of life is taken and programmed inside us as the experience of love:

If our birth mother and we as a baby experience gentleness, peace, love, ease and harmony at birth, our nervous system will automatically imprint this into our limbic system as the norm for love and life, and we are likely to grow up feeling an innate sense of peace and wellbeing within. This will be normal for us and is likely to result in a life of happiness, health and harmony.

By contrast, if our birth mother or we as a baby experience a form of trauma at birth or shortly after birth, eg, caesarean, forceps, premature birth, rough handling, separation from mother, adoption etc, we will still experience this as the experience of love and will unconsciously create similar pain and struggle throughout our lifebecause to do otherwise would be out of our normal comfort zone. Thus these harsh and painful experiences maintain fear-based emotional and behavioral patterns into adult life and continues until and unless the initial trauma is healed. 

There is also now overwhelming evidence that the cumulative volume of individual limbic imprinting at birth is responsible for the violent history of humankind for thousands of years of recorded history. How could mankind be changed if our experience of birth was dramatically changed? Could humanity experience peace on earth?

Thousands of people have already experienced the profound effects of either a conscious natural birth or healing their own birth trauma. This could be one of the most profound healing works for the planet at this time.

All over the world, people love this film’s open invitation to transform Birth, to evolve as a species through birthing our young in peace, gifting them with the imprint of bliss and empowerment.


The Birth Into Being Method, crafted by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, is a graceful shortcut to creating new reference points in the nervous system by Re-Coding the original Limbic Imprint.

Elena developed this very effective and fast method of healing the birth trauma in adults, which allows unleashing the dormant flow of the primal creative Life Force. It inspires the profound quality of presence in the body, which assures our strength, compassion and health. In freedom from fear and pain, we can birth our new Reality, based on common sense.

The Birth into Being processes are used to:

- Consciously prepare YOURSELF, your partner and your baby for a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth

- To heal birth trauma YOU may have experienced which may be holding you back in life from fulfilling your purpose and being all you can be.

- To heal your baby or child's birth trauma so they can grow up in a state of love and trust rather than fear and struggle.


This powerful & beautiful film activates The Creative Feminine Power which we call The Birth Field

Birthing is the way of the Divine Feminine, whether or not we physically birth a child.

From this place we come together in Sacred Circle to share & remember & re-claim our Birth -rite as powerful creators of the future that we truly desire.

WE can consciously choose to Birth into Being whatever we want.


$15 book in advance

$20 on door


Joy Lake, certified Birth into Being Facilitator, will be sharing her own experience of Ecstatic Birth(yes-it is possible!).This was a Spiritual Awakening for her.

Kim Knight, emotional intelligence and chronic illness recovery expert will share how healing the wounds of traumatic birth, including premature inducement and abandonment, has transformed her ability to live her life as an empowered rather than victimized human being.

For more information about Joy see

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Pre-registration essential - book at the link shown.

March 08, 2015 at 4pm - 6pm
Shanti Studio, Kawaipurapura Centre
6 Mills Ln
Auckland 00632
New Zealand
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Kim Knight
$15.00 NZD · Purchase tickets

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