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Ross Goodine

Ross Goodine

Alberta, Canada
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I wanted this to be personal and in the first person.  Life is really about expression and connection and I want this bio and what I share about myself to be that.

For the past 25 years of my life I have been focussed to varying degrees on letting my soul shine through.  I wouldn't have described it that way in the early going, then I just knew that life was on the other side of what was between my soul and life.  For me that was pain. Locked in my body as tension, stiffness and armouring was emotional and physical pain.  At first I didn't know where it came from, just that it was there and that if I didn't deal with it then my ability to be conscious in life quickly disappeared and I would have accidents, injuries and illness.  The gift in this was I had very little space to let my care of life and aliveness in my body slip before I had to deal with it.  The biggest gift in this was that I was continually forced to choose life and show my commitment through dealing with what was coming up. The choice between life and living and being numb, or switched off and half dead required a commitment to life and a willingness to dive into that pain and release it.  It was the only way I knew and that way was to go through it, to feel deeply and express it.  That was my path.

In my quest to claim my life, I met many beautiful and supportive people, learned many beautiful approaches to healing and wholeness and had the honour to be part of others healing and sacred journeys to their birthright of wholeness.

This has never stopped for me.  The depth has changed as I have peeled back the layers in me to connect with ever deeper levels in me.  I know that as I open ever more to the joy and wonder in life that I also open to any pain or darkness that I have buried or pushed away and that by being more open to love and wonder, I am also more open to feel more deeply and more intensely any pain or hurt that hasn't yet been released.  I accept this price.

On a practical level I am exceptionally skilled in working with people.  One of the gifts of my own journey has been it truly allows me to understand and work with others because I have been there.  I haven't been through every issue that comes up for the people I work with, but I very likely have personal experience with something similar or something that gives me great sensitivity to what they are going through and what needs to happen for them to move to a new place inside, claim what ever gift comes from moving through their challenge, move into more contact with their deep and claim more of their life and aliveness.

My growth and process continues and finally some of the areas that have been the most challenging for me are softening.  The biggest shift lately has been my ability to share myself openly and let myself be seen.  My fear and difficulty in letting myself be seen has been the largest contributor to not being able to have what I really want in life, closeness with other people. I LOVE PEOPLE and my greatest joy lies in connecting with those I love.

I thought I should also include some stuff that gives a sense of what interests me and what I an doing with my life.  I live in Edmonton Alberta in a house that I bought with my cat Pumpkin.  I adopted Pumpkin or she adopted me, depends on how you look at that.  My yard is full of young fruit trees and berry bushes that I planted.

I love nature and the outdoors.  My favourite place in the world is my parents cottage on Granite Lake in the Canadian Shield, 2 hours East of Winnipeg.  It is a beautiful lake front log cabin, built in the 1920's, with a modern kitchen and bathroom that I helped build when I was 16.  I spent parts of most summers here as a child.

I love water and some of my happiest times have been spent in my old Toyota van driving through British Columbia and Washington State with my kayaks, no destination, just seeing where each day took me.

I own Prairie Dawn Natural Body Products Ltd.  The only product it makes Prairie Dawn Natural lip Balm and people rave about it!  It has paid most of my bills since 1998.  In 2006 I founded Hidden Dynamics, where I work with people and businesses to identify and resolve the roots of what ever is holding them back in business or in life. 

With Love,
Ross Goodine

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