Advanced Facilitator / CAO Central & South America

Nily Goldenberg

Nily Goldenberg

MEX:+52 (1) 967 120 00 34


Nily Goldenberg was born in Israel, in a peaceful and agricultural community called kibbutz Bet Alfa.

She is a Midwife, Birth Keeper and a Birth Into Being advanced facilitator .

She lives and practice in Mexico.  

She was trained as a midwife in the USA in the midwifery school and clinic “Maternidad La Luz” and also with Mayan Midwives in Chiapas and Quintana Roo, Mexico and with a tradicional midwife in Morelos, Mexico.

Nily also studied Traditional Medicine and Herbology in Oaxaca, Mexico, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Theater and Janzu- Aquatic Dance Therapy.  She speaks Hebrew, Spanish and English.

Nily believes that birth is sacred. That this natural everyday miracle should be kept with love, respect, delicate touch and understanding of the importance of this event on the new coming soul quality of life.

"Birth is a passageway, a door into a new world, new reality and new consciousness. It is a precious opportunity to connect with our most natural resources of power, beauty and knowledge of who we really are".