Advanced Facilitator<br>CAO Poland

Monika Lipowska-Hajduk is a psychologist specializing in maternity issues (prenatal and perinatal specialization).  She enjoys supporting women during pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period, and helping women and couples conceive, gestate and give birth in a conscious and wonderful way.

She facilitates birth in various ways -- offering personal consultations (1-on-1 session), Limbic Imprint Re-Coding, and holding workshops for pregnant women and for anyone who wishes to create a new birth imprint.

Her work is felt on many levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and also with the body. Monika truly believes that when we take care of all of these levels, connecting them, we can discover who we really are and live in a harmonious way. The Birthing Field is a profound place to do it.

A mother of two children, Monika consciously birthed both children in an exquisite way. 

Monika says, "I know that when we pay attention to our intuition, we can live according to our inner voice and our heart. I am very close to nature and believe in its healing properties. I am honoured using Elena’s birth preparation methods because they are holistic, transforming and the results are really fast and effective".