Available in English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italian, Polish, Armenian, Romanian and Portugese. Czech and Russian versions available from Local Distributors.

Watch the Director's Commentary and Bonus Features, available as a DVD or as a Download.

"Birth As We Know It" is also available in the 25 or 45 minute "Educational Version."

Praise from Dr. Michel Odent:

"We must pay tribute to Elena for prompting us to re-examine basic features of human nature. Her film explains why millions of women, all over the world, dream of giving birth in the sea, among dolphins."

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  • Ricardo
    followed this page 2016-08-15 15:26:11 -0700
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    commented 2016-07-19 05:02:46 -0700
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  • sádhana eiras
    commented 2016-01-20 09:24:56 -0800
    Hello there! i have the DVD and i love to watch it. I am about to be a mother in Ibiza in this next days. I am in love with MAmma mamma Pappa Pappa song from Cecile Kate and Dilshad hussain Khan. I would love to buy the soundtracks of this film. How i do it? Is nowhere. An really love it.
    thanks to the mothers who feel strong and in peace with mother nature. Love to u all
  • Lily Rothrock
    commented 2014-12-01 00:37:31 -0800
    Hi Ashley,

    There are two films, Birth Into Being and Birth As We Know It. They have different scripts, messages, and footage. Please read the descriptions of the film for more detailed information.

    Thank you for your question and let me know if you need more information.
  • Ashley Augustine
    commented 2014-11-30 22:16:52 -0800
    Hi~ is this different than the original birth into being? Or is it the original, plus extra footage?
  • Lily Rothrock
    commented 2014-05-04 09:47:02 -0700
    Yes you can Karol! Please go to the downloads menu, and hit “select a Language.” Espanol is the second language.

    ¡Si, puedes Karol! Por favor, ir a la menú de descargas y prensa “select a Language.” Espanol es la idoma segunda.
  • Karol Idc
    commented 2014-05-04 01:35:38 -0700
    Hi, I want to know if I can download this movie in Spanish,
  • Casey Smith
    commented 2014-03-14 21:17:45 -0700
    Thanks Lily! I appreciate your help!
  • Lily Rothrock
    commented 2014-03-14 10:06:11 -0700
    We also have the Russian DVD version available in Moscow. You can contact them here: To order the Russian version DVD:
    Olga Ignatova
    fox46-47@mail.ru or fm3t@mail.ru
    Thanks, Lily
  • Lily Rothrock
    commented 2014-03-14 09:42:20 -0700
    Hi Casey!
    We only have the russian version available as a download. It’s very good!
    Hope that answers your question.
    Thanks, Lily
  • Casey Smith
    commented 2014-03-13 10:02:13 -0700
    Where is the Russian 245 minutes
    version? My wife speaks Russian. I seen the Russian version on the old site but not this one? I seen a 34 minutes Russian Edition in the digital marketplace is that all you have in Russian? Thanks Casey