Limbic Imprint Re-Coding Levels 1-4 and Apprentice Training

Levels 1-4 and Apprentice Training, lead by Avi Esther and Willow Proctor, Birth Into Being Facilitators



Course Description:
Workshop – Limbic Imprint Re-Coding

Level 1 (days 1 & 2) - De-fragmenting the hard drive, un-installing old programs, and acquiring a new software:

Focus is on the past, on understanding of our old patterns and habits and clearing them from the space for the Limbic Imprint Re-Coding Process. Establishes the Birthing Field*, which is very important for the group dynamic. Personal alignment with the Birthing Field defines the skills of navigating one’s energy within the intensity of the experience, whatever the source of the intensity is, including giving birth to a child.
In a safe and supportive space, the group goes through a dynamic blend of modalities: specific types of movement, visualization, specific breath-work, gentle touch, role play, storytelling and many others, geared to alter the ‘basic settings’ in the nervous system, and reprogram the original painful limbic imprint from one’s own formative period,- from conception through the early childhood,- thus creating a new zone of emotional comfort, aligned with our conscious intention.
‘Limbic Imprint Re-Coding’ process on the second day, offers participants an opportunity to acquire a new memory of being conceived, gestated, born and breast-fed, in a loving and respectful environment. This is achieved through a sequence of steps that bring a group into a slightly altered state of mind – a shift that allows one to access their Free Will. From that place, many new positive choices can be made about living in a world of safety and compassion.
Level 2 (days 3 & 4) - Installing the new soft ware:
Focus is on simultaneous engaging of the cortex, reptilian and limbic aspects of the brain and bringing them into harmony with each other. The dynamic between intention and counter-intention is driven by three different parts of the brain, and aligning them offers new ways of looking at many issues. Processes of Level 2 build upon the experiences from Level 1, and focus on the emotional landscape from early childhood, up to about age 10. Newly acquired reference points allow a new range of perception. There is a correlation between specific characteristics of birth trauma and behavioral patterns in adults, which can be neutralized when a peaceful and relaxed relationship with the Birthing Field* is established. From that place, every aspect of life improves, all that we are and do, including people-making.
Levels 3-4 (Days 5-8) – removing obstacles for operating the new system, learning to sustain it:
For the next 4 days, the “Magic Theater” unfolds! Focus is on the Present. During days 5-8, there will be 5-7 more ‘therapeutic’ processes and exercises, depending on the group dynamic. It’s hard to predict what exactly will happen. This is how the Birthing Field works. The spontaneity is a part of the training. This part of the course address the emotional experiences of the adolescent and early adulthood stages of life.
Apprenticeship Training
Level 5 (Days 9-10) completing the Facilitator Apprenticeship training
Focus is on the Future. The participants will learn to use these techniques—how to offer this kind of experiences for their clients. In ‘Birth Into Being’ trainings, learning ‘what’ to do is secondary to ‘how’ to do it, and ‘who’ the facilitator is, as a person, not only in regards to the Birthing Vortex of Creative power, but to all things in life.
Graduates of 10 day intensives will be certified to facilitate Level 1-2 of ‘Birth Into Being’ Method, depending on their competency and comfort level, ether in one-on-one format or group setting. We also offer an on-going support in matters of professional growth and individual practice management.

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January 11, 2014 at 10am - January 20, 2014
NOVA Natural Birth Center
4200 Technology Ct
Suite A
Chantilly, VA 20151
United States
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$3,300.00 Apprentice - Levels 1-4 & Certification (10 days)
Two people
$2,640.00 Level 4 (8 days)
Two people
$2,040.00 Level 3 (6 days)
Two people
$1,700.00 Apprentice - Levels 1-4 & Certification (10 days)
One person
$1,440.00 Level 2 (4 days)
Two people
$1,360.00 Level 4 (8 days)
One person
$1,080.00 Level 3 (6 days)
One person
$760.00 Level 2 (4 days)
One person
$760.00 Level 1 (2 days)
Two people
$400.00 Level 1 (2 days)
One Person

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