Birth Into Being Method - Level 1

Facilitated by Melissa Aardema
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There are many ways of preparation for a graceful delivery. 'Birth Into Being Method' course offers one of the most effective approaches. While it is not promoting any specific kind of childbirth, it offers an opportunity to raise awareness of the existing choices from a very practical perspective. It has an experiential, free flowing format, in which The Birthing Field** is the governing agent. Participants are offered an opportunity to establish a very reliable, conscious and powerful connection with the energies of birth. This supports a woman's ability to give birth as Nature intended, free from fear and complications.

The course is also extremely beneficial for birth attendants, so their own birth trauma and anxiety is not subconsciously projected onto the Birthing Field during delivery.

Highly recommended also for those struggling with infertility, as well as PTSD from previous traumatic deliveries, miscarriages/stillbirths, or loss of loved ones. Birth Into Being Method is also very helpful for women who are planning a C-section, to aid fast recovery and healthy bonding with the baby.

While this work is geared towards birth preparation, it expands far beyond. It is for anyone, men and women, who are ready to neutralize the trauma they experienced at birth. As well as negative personal and intra-generational emotional patterns. This method helps clear pathways for an abundant, creative and sexual flow of Life Force; offering freedom from inhibiting beliefs. Anyone seeking to make lasting positive changes for themselves and their whole family can benefit from The Birth Into Being Method.

Level 1
(the first 2 days)
In a safe and supportive space, the group goes through a dynamic blend of modalities: specific types of movement, visualization, specific breath-work, touch, role play, storytelling and many others, geared to alter the 'basic settings' in the nervous system, and reprogram the original painful limbic imprint from one's own formative period,- from conception through the early childhood,- thus creating a new zone of emotional comfort, aligned with our conscious intention.

'Limbic Imprint Re-Coding' process offers participants an opportunity to acquire a new memory of being conceived, gestated, born and breast-fed, in a loving and respectful environment. From that place, many new positive choices can be made about living in a world of safety and compassion. 

**The Birthing Field is a sole governing agent of a delivery. It is an energetic phenomena, which comes into existence at the time of creation of something that did not exist before. It has a spiraling nature of a vortex, pinpointed at the subject which is emerging. It can be of any size and intensity, depending on what is being born - a baby, a galaxy, or a poem. This spiraling flow of energy accompanies the moment of high creativity, which results in opening up a portal of connection between realities, when something passes from non-existence into our 3-dimensional reality and vice versa. 

The same way as a snowflake of polluted water is asymmetrical and under-developed, the Birthing Field within a toxic environment ceases to show up as the self-organizing power and intelligence. Interference, (such as anxiety, tension, some medical conditions, past injuries, emotional instability, drugs and so many more), causes the distortion of the Birthing Field, making it too weak to act on the baby's behalf. Fortunately, there are many ways of strengthening it, prior to the due date, so when the time comes, it can show up in it's full glory!

February 01, 2014 at 10am - February 02, 2014
melbourne, VIC
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