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Lily Rothrock

Lily Rothrock

California & Guatemala
USA:+1 (916) 320 9658


Born in Sacramento, California, she speaks for the Earth and all beings.  Gifted with communication, clairsentience and empathic skills, she shares stories of the evolution of the human-biosphere relationship.  Witnessing the world as one being, she echoes the purity and beauty in all nature.

In 2012, Lily Rhoads co-created Chakra Illumination Festival on Isla del Sol in Bolivia and continues to create space for ancient ceremony to blend with current culture in the Birth Into Being Method workshops and intentional gatherings she holds.  She is a co-founder of Weaving Women’s Wisdom: A Gathering of Many Generations with her sisters in Butte County, California.

A digital native, Lily gathers around the glowing screen to receive and share stories with her global family.  As Director of Communications with Birth Into Being, she channels the powerful story of the rebirth of Earth with digital mediums.

She sings, dances, and swims to cultivate connection with universal energy.

Lily deeply resonates with the tools and teachings of the Birth Into Being Method.  She believes that it presents a graceful shortcut for finding Peace and roots out outdated patterns in Life.   Through tapping into our original emotional imprint from birth, it is possible to consciously shift into alignment with our spirit's intention for this life.  

She offers private sessions and holds workshops in California and beyond. Read her testimonial:

"My core cry was one of the most therapeutic experiences I have ever had. Lily gave me exactly what I needed to tap into deep, painful emotion and release it. Having witnesses and group support made the experience even more powerful. The amount of energy released and coursing through my body during and after my core cry was staggering. I felt immensely powerful and at peace afterwards. I cannot thank Lily enough for facilitating such an intense and healing experience."  

- Katie Moore, 2014

"You represent--the beauty, strength, consciousness of the children of the 'new Earth'--wow children of such enormous love, expression, honesty, creativity, natural wisdom, connected to the earth's essence.  You are the FUTURE! We need a lot more like you!"  

- Willow Proctor, Birth Into Being Facilitator


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    In addition to our workshops and film screenings, Birth Into Being Practitioners often speak about the Birth Into Being Method and our vision for healing Earth through healing Birth.  Please check out the listings to find events near you!

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    Film Screening Package 1: Inspire!


    Everything you need to host an educational community film screening.  

    Price: Free

    For events with free attendance.
    (view all Film Screening Packages)

    You will receive:

    • Supplemental Digital Media

    • Birth As We Know It Educational Version – 25 mins (online streaming)

    • Exclusive video (streaming) of Elena hosting a Birth As We Know It screening with talk and Q&A at Pranafest 2014 in Ashland, OR (1hr 28 min)

    • Select video and audio including:

    • Interviews with Elena

    • Birth Into Being Method Testimonial

    • Step-by-step ‘Film Screening Guide’• Birth As We Know It promo (10 min)

    • Birth As We Know It Facebook event cover image

    • Birth As We Know It Screening Flyer with English text

    • Birth As We Know It Screening Flyer, blank, for any language

    • Birth As We Know It Press Release

    Director's Introduction Letter from Elena, the creator of the film, to be read to the audience before the screening. It’s not mandatory and you can introduce the film in your own words if you prefer.

    Director's Conclusion Letter from Elena to be read after the screening, if you chose to do so, to inspire the discussion afterwards. 

    >>Want to watch the full feature film? Order now.

    Get it now!

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    Hi Marcella!

    We don’t have any local facilitators in Colorado (yet), but if you’d like to organize a workshop, a Practitioner will come facilitate for you!

    Please read the Organizer FAQ under ‘Method’ to learn a bit more about the organizer process. If you’re interested, we can send you a packet with more detailed information.

    Thanks for your inquiry! We’d love to come to Colorado!

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    Thank you so much for sharing! This is it! Yes!!! And bless your heart, Francoise, for the work you are doing in the world!
    Much Love,

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    Hello, Shelley! Thank you for your taking the time to express your feelings about this article! I’ll be brief in my attempt to explain why circumcision might be an experience that a baby boy would object if he could.
    Imagine if someone, without asking you, ties you on your back, spreads your legs and slowly cuts off your clitoris without any anesthetics. Now triple the sensation, as clitoris has, on average, about 8 000 of very specific erogenous nerve endings and the foreskin has over 20 000. Now multiply it about 100 times, because a newborn is generally about a 100 times more sensitive than an average adult, who had plenty of time to dull the sensory antennae. How does that feel by now?

    There are thousands of men out there right now, as we speak, objecting their circumcision and suing the doctors who performed this most unnecessary by all medical standards surgery, which is not recommended by any medical academy in the world.

    I also never said that a man is going to lose his capacity for wanting sex. I only said that the quality of it is greatly compromised, as the foreskin is the organ specifically governing the ability to know pleasure and give a man an adequate reading of where his sexual partner is on the pleasure scale. So he is not just being horny, but is able to learn the art of Love-making. This is what the 20 000 erogenous nerve endings are for.

    — Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova

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    Hi Megan! You can organize a workshop in your own area and a Practitioner can come facilitate a workshop. Let’s talk more – email us at birthintobeing@gmail.com

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    wow, what a beautiful page! what fabulous web designers you have on your team.

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    Hi Ashley,

    There are two films, Birth Into Being and Birth As We Know It. They have different scripts, messages, and footage. Please read the descriptions of the film for more detailed information.

    Thank you for your question and let me know if you need more information.

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    Why Choose the Birth Into Being Method?

    Who Benefits:

    • Seekers -those who long for their own conscious evolution, seeking freedom from emotional trauma of their formative period.
    • Practitioners - those who want to build on their private practice, expand to facilitating groups, or start a new career.
    • Future Parents - regardless of proximity to birth, those who want to learn to consciously birth.
    • Birth Attendants - birth professionals or those who are preparing to support someone in a birth process.
    • Specific Needs - those who are dealing with particular issues (e.g. miscarriage, addiction, low self-esteem, poor problem-solving skills, primal fear of living, short attention span, grieving the loss of a loved one).

    If you have a feeling that you are still waiting for something, this could be it...

    What Are the Outcomes: 


    Photo credit: Melissa Aardema

    For Seekers of Balance in Life - Transform Chaos to Harmony

    • Enhance your ability to create the outcomes in life you want.
    • Develop a deeper self-awareness, and become more of who you really are.
    • Expand your capacity for handling and overcoming stress.  
    • Enhance your ability to connect with others, and start seeing the world in a way that serves you.
    • Increase personal effectiveness by breaking through old limiting patterns of self-doubt, procrastination, fear, and negativity. 



    Photo credit: Chanel Baran Photographics

    For Practitioners: Facilitator Training – Learning to Embody Coherence

    • Experience the key principles and procedures that make the Method the most effective approach to release limiting patterns. 
    • Learn to utilize the Method to clear your own system while working with your clients.
    • Start a new career that is personally fulfilling and makes a huge difference for others.
    • For seasoned professionals, learn how to integrate the Method into your practice for more effectiveness with your clients.
    • Be part of an international community of Practitioners who are eager to continuously learn and develop themselves.



    Photo Credit: Birth Into Being

    For Birth Preparation and Becoming a Parent – Prepare the ‘Landing Ground’

    • Learn the importance of every stage of birth, from conception to the third year of life, and the impact it has on your child’s self-perception, intelligence, and concept of the world in their adult life.
    • Heal your own birth trauma to clear your negative emotional, mental and physical patterns from imprinting your baby.
    • Be confident in using the Method to dramatically reduce the likelihood of birth complications, thus creating a harmonious and pleasant start to your baby’s life.
    • For the Mother-to-be, learn how birth can be a pleasurable and positive experience. 
    • For the Father-to-be, learn to be fully present, support the Mother and baby, and really be part of the birthing experience.
    • Gain clarity about how to become the best role models for your children (without having to do everything right, know everything, and be perfect!).    



    Photo Credit: Birth Into Being

    For Birth Attendants: Professionals & Family - Be the Best Support You Can Be

    • Heal your own birth trauma to prevent possible complications during delivery and positively impact the imprint the newborn is receiving.
    • Learn the connections between medical interventions during birth and their influence on the development of the child.
    • Learn how everyone who attends the delivery of a child (including the doctor, midwife, doula, nurse, family member or a supporting friend) wields influence on the situation.
    • Dramatically expand your capacity to support the mother and father to be, as well as their child, by offering the Method to help resolve any kind of negative experiences during, before, and after birth. 

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    Birth As We Know It Screenings

    Help us ground the new birthing paradigm by joining "Birth As We Know It" International Film Screening Day on March 8, 2015.

    Learn more about our film, "Birth As We Know It."

    Help spread the message of this film. Host a film screening with one of our film screening packages.  

    Together, we can raise the standard of living for humanity.  

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