Level 1 - 5 Workshop - Birth Into Being Method & 10 day Apprentice Training

Claim your right for greater happiness and find your place of Power, born of Love & Compassion!
We invite you to:
Strengthen your sense of belonging and well being
Deepen connection with your Higher Self, other people, and the Source of Life
Gain new reference points in your nervous system of greater capacity for intimacy and creativity
Fearlessly birth a new project, a new baby and a new You!

 Facilitated by: Nicole Moore & Melissa Aardema 


When: April 1-10th, 2014

Where: Vines and Branches, Lower Plenty, Melbourne
Fee: see website
Contact info: Birthintobeing.aust@gmail.com
telephone:0447 353 297
We share an understanding that within each cell of our bodies, we carry the imprint from our formative period.  If our emotional body was overwhelmed during that period, then a lifetime of ineffective coping strategies and outdated behavioural patterns may occur.
The Birth Into Being Method offers a very effective approach for transforming this Limbic Imprint.
Our multisensory, multi-generational approach, informed by epigenetics and neuroplasticity, focuses on the formative period from preconception through the early adolescence and is geared towards both men and women.  The full 16 day program consists of 17 processes and 19 exercises, each designed to facilitate alignment with the intelligence of Nature’s creative force.

"We can heal our collective past, so that future generations will be
able to thrive as a species in a society based on Peace and Compassion."
Elena Tonetti Vladimirova                              
Watch a 3 min intro video:
Levels description:
Level 1 (days 1 & 2) - Alter your ‘basic settings’ in your nervous system
  • Create new reference points of emotional comfort aligned with your conscious intentions
  • Align with the creative vortex of the Birthing Field** through a dynamic blend of modalities including specific movements, visualization, breathwork, gentle touch, role-play, storytelling, meditation and more.
  • Re-Code your Limbic Imprint** of inhibiting emotional patterns by creating a
    new memory of being conceived, gestated, born, and breastfed in blissful
  • Focus is on the timeframe from your preconception through post-partum period.
Level 2 (days 3 & 4) - Increase your capacity for Love
  • Disengage counter-intentions via bringing the three parts of the brain, responsible for our mental, emotional and physiological functions into harmonious resonance.
  • Acquire a new perception of reality based on Safety and Love.
  • Focus is on your early childhood through about age 10
Levels 3 & 4 (days 5 - 8) - Learn to sustain the new state
  • Revise your emotional life further into adolescence, trace the sources of your dysfunctions and transform them into valuable resource.
  • Invoke your deepest Wisdom as your constant companion
  • Make yourself at home within your new ‘basic settings’.
Apprenticeship (Days 9-10) - Get the Apprentice Certificate
  • Deepen your own healing and practice facilitating the processes of the Birth Into Being Method.
  • Get certified to lead Birth Into Being Workshops, Levels 1-3, and/or integrate the techniques into your existing practice. (See the chart of 4 levels of certification procedures on www.birthintobeing.com)
  • Become a part of the Birth Into Being group of practitioners, an amazing group of people in 22 countries who are lovingly and actively supporting each other.
April 01, 2014 at 10am - April 11, 2014
Vine and Branches
Lower Plenty , VIC 3093
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Nicole Moore & Melissa Aardema · · Tel: 0447 353 297
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  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-03-02 23:58:04 -0800
    Paid! I'm so unbelievably sad of the timing of the two 10 day intensives this year, that I can only attend 4 days. I'm looking forward to attending the remaining 6 days another time, is there any chance there will be one late in the year? Very grateful to be coming in a few weeks time!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-03-02 21:26:46 -0800
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-25 19:10:57 -0800
    Curriculum of this 10 Day Intensive / Training Interspersed throughout this program are integration exercises such as; Dancing, Warm ups, Massage Circles, Journalling, Feedback in Circle, Claywork, Good food, Bath time, Rest Film nights etc etc etc <3 If time permits, there are another 9 Processes to choose from, depending on the group dynamic and what needs are paramount within it. However, with the space that is needed to integrate this powerful, transformative body of work - these processes above are the ones we most often get to share. Level 1: Topics: Limbic Imprinting Why birth matters: what is birth trauma The Miracle of Your Life Tri-brain Theory Transforming Fear Consciousness of Procreation Humanology Level 1 Processes: Core Cry: a deep dive into the ‘underworld’ to break through that which is holding you back in life; to recover that which is most precious. Tribrain: resolution of deep unconscious conflicts; alignment with wisdom. Limbic Imprint Re-Coding: powerful shamanic journey; healing your own conception, gestation, and birth. Level 2, 3, 4: Topics: Intentions vs counter-intentions Upgrading Your nervous system Free Will and the fractal nature of the Universe Transforming pain and forgiveness Senses of life Harvesting negative experiences vs victim mentality Prosperity Consciousness Setting priorities for the next phase of life Processes: The Family: Healing the traumatic impact from interactions with your biological parents. Recovering the loss of power in childhood; breaking the Silence; establishing the new reference points for healthy loving relationships. Secondary Line of Offenders: addressing all the negative dynamics with people from your childhood, other than your biological parents; Re-Coding experiences that violated your integrity, crushed your primal sense of Self. Floating Limbs: Activates and brings into the body a deep sense of trust in community. An embodiment of 'letting go'. Limbic Imprint Re-Coding: powerful shamanic journey; healing your own conception, gestation, birth, sexual awakening, family dynamics, first sexual experiences, educational journey, rite of passage etc The Money/Time Game: releasing resistances to living in abundance; empowering your purpose on Earth. Level 5: Training Component. Topics: De-Briefing on all the above from the facilitation perspective. Processes: Practice with each other the Level 1 & 2 processes.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-23 04:05:58 -0800
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-23 04:04:10 -0800
    Always good to see it again... remember the power and potential of ourSelf as we birth and birth ourselves anew <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZtYCHASqNM&feature=youtu.be
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-23 04:02:31 -0800
    One of Sarah Buckley's excellent articles, so thoroughly researched and written with heart. <3 http://www.kindredcommunity.com/2006/11/giving-birth-the-endocrinology-of-ecstacy/
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  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-02-18 02:07:58 -0800
    I'm really looking forward to our time together in Melbourne :-)