Kasia Auli Barszczewska

Kasia Auli Barszczewska


Dancing with the heart of the Birthing Field, I am a woman, a mother, a doula, a Birth into Being facilitator. I did over 40 Birth Into Being workshops up to level 4, and hundreds of private sessions. I see how healing it is for all, who were ready to step to their renewed relationships with the Birthing Field. It is so beautiful to be in a moment with someone who wants to connect with the source of her or his Being, or it is in birth or in spiritual re-coding processes. Every time I am amazed by the power and beauty of the Field. I love to be present, transparent and sharing in the Birth into Being work. I feel that this sweet, nourishing energy is flowing through me in my workshops.

It was magic to welcome Elena in our home after my lotus birth, having her workshop here the first time. I was so uplifted by every word she spoke and every explanation about human behaviors. It all was very true and authentic for me, so I decided to dive in this work from that moment. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing Global tribe!

Birth into Being facilitator and a doula preparing and assisting in the birth with autohipnoza and Lebouer metod to melt all sensasion in soft awarness. Mama of tree dougthers, one of them is lotus, home birth child. Free spirit of art and word
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